TRJet Developing Partnership with TAI on First Turkish-Built Aircraft

July 12, 2016
TRJet looks to leverage TAI’s experience and success as a supplier to top-tier commercial aviation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to support the TRJ328 aircraft.

FARNBOROUGH, U.K. (July 12, 2016) – TRJet and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) are developing initial agreements to support the highly anticipated Turkish Regional Aircraft Project. TRJet looks to leverage TAI’s experience and success as a supplier to top-tier commercial aviation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to support the TRJ328™ aircraft. Additionally, TRJet and TAI are actively discussing how to best utilize TAI’s design capabilities to support the development of the new, larger, indigenously designed aircraft.

“TAI brings a wealth of world-class aviation expertise to the table,” said Cem Ugur, general manager of TRJet. “TAI can help strengthen the TRJet team in our efforts to establish Turkey as one of the few countries across the globe that can design, certify and manufacture large civil aircraft.”

TRJet will produce Turkey’s first regional passenger aircraft — a modernized and enhanced version of the acclaimed Dornier 328 aircraft. Not only are these aircraft perfectly suited for regional passenger transportation, but also as true multi-role aircraft with certified variations for Medevac, VIP, Cargo, Special Mission operations. These additional capabilities supplement the base platform that is already certified in 85 countries around the world.

Most importantly, the 328 series paves the way toward realization of Turkey’s first domestically designed, certified and produced commercial passenger aircraft. Managed and led by Turkish engineers and manufactured in Turkey, this all-new aircraft will broaden the industrial supplier base in-country and solidify TRJet as an aircraft OEM within the global aviation market.

“We look forward to offering solutions using our world class capabilities for the 328 Series aircraft as well as being part of the design and development team for the new next-generation aircraft,” said Muharrem Dortkasli, CEO of TAI.

TRJet plans to leverage TAI’s Ankara-based aircraft OEM experience and capabilities in design, development, test and production to bolster the new aircraft development team. The future collaboration between TRJet and TAI is a significant step forward in positioning Turkey as a prominent player in the world aviation market.


TRJet Havacilik Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (TRJet) combines the legacy of two esteemed aviation companies, Sierra Nevada Corporation and 328 Support Services GmbH, to create a commercial aviation and aerospace company that merges modern German aircraft engineering and the latest industry modification standards. It was formed in part to serve the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project for which the TRJ328™ aircraft and its sister design the TRP328™ turboprop are being initially produced. The Project also includes plans for a larger, clean-sheet-design aircraft, establishing TRJet as an aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer and contributing significantly to Turkey’s economy.