Lufthansa Technik Presents Pre-customized VIP Cabin for Narrow-body Aircraft

May 19, 2014
At EBACE 2014, Lufthansa Technik has presented its new pre-customized VIP cabin, which will be offered for both, the Airbus ACJ family and the Boeing BBJ series.

At EBACE 2014, Lufthansa Technik has presented its new pre-customized VIP cabin, which will be offered for both, the Airbus ACJ family and the Boeing BBJ series.

Herewith, Lufthansa Technik continues and extends its successful business with modulated narrow-body VIP cabins, which started eight years ago with a co-operation for the successful "Elite" program together with Airbus.

The new platform-adaptable concept offers a large variety of configurations and is mission optimized with regards to cabin interior weight, seating comfort, sufficient stowage volume and the integration of client oriented features for maximum comfort and usability, like a king size bed, vanity table, master bathroom with full size shower and a private office.

"Lufthansa Technik has a worldwide unique and long-lasting experience in the field of pre-customized and modulated VIP aircraft cabins.

There is no other completion centre which has gathered that much experience with that kind of cabin outfitting or has done this kind of work so far", said Walter Heerdt, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales of Lufthansa Technik. "This new product is a supplement to our current activities in this special completion segment. We see excellent market chances to create a similar success story like with the current "Elite" program or others which we have done previously."

"Within our innovation boost we are transferring innovative solutions from our individual completion business to modular and pre-customized programs, like the integration of our chair[TM] seating application."

The new modular cabin concept allows a customer many possibilities to combine different cabin elements that are close to an individual cabin layout. For example, for the ACJ 319 Lufthansa Technik can offer 96 variations, for a longer plane like the BBJ2 and other comparable aircraft even more combinations.

"With the variety of combinations, a price, starting from 20 MUSD and a short turnaround time for the outfitting of six months, Lufthansa Technik adds a highly attractive new product to the market", Heerdt said.

In the course of the "Elite" program so far more than 20 aircraft have been completed and delivered, one aircraft is currently in the completion process at Lufthansa Technik's US-subsidiary Bizjet International.

Additionally, Lufthansa Technik completed twelve Bombardier Challenger 850 and four BBJs for Boeing NETJET with a pre-customized cabin in the past.

Lufthansa Technik has developed a quick change kit for narrow-body aircraft which allows to convert an airline cabin configuration into a VIP cabin or vice versa in just a few hours.

Besides the activities on the narrow-bodies, Lufthansa has designed and completed wide-body VVIP cabin kits.

Lufthansa Technik:

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