Airbus Starts Off 2019 Strong

Jan. 25, 2019

Airbus is starting the year off strong with a new order after losing the aircraft delivery race in 2018 against rival Boeing, delivering 800 aircraft compared to Boeing’s 806. Boeing also soared past Airbus in terms of orders placed as well.  However, Airbus seems to be starting 2019 strong. The European aircraft manufacturer announced that it has finalized a large order from Dublin based aircraft leasing company SMBC Aviation Capital on Monday with a list price of $7.47 billion.

The order is for all narrow-body aircraft in the Airbus A320 family, 50 Airbus A320neo and 15 Airbus A321neo aircraft. This increases the total aircraft SMBC has on order from Airbus to 145 A320neos and 30 A321neos, showing an increasing focus on the fuel-efficient neo family of Airbus aircraft.

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