Michael Janik, AMT 2018 Next Gen 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Sept. 20, 2018
22, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Exec Aero, Orlando, FL Years in Aviation: 10

Michael Janik started out by working at his uncle's avionics shop, Palm Beach Avionics, in South Florida when he was a small child. "I worked there during the summers when I was in school. While in high school, I completed my private pilot certificate at the same airport. I moved to Orlando to pursue an engineering degree but decided engineering wasn't for me. I wanted to get back into the industry that I grew up in so I reached out to Nathan Marler with a proposal to work for him if he would train me for my A&P. I recently completed my A&P and now work as a certificated technician. Throughout this process I have gained many mentors through the airport, every one of them bringing something different to my career."

While at Flight Training Professionals, Janik created a seminar for students to take that would teach them about aircraft systems in depth. His two-hour long course starts with the very fundamentals of the four stroke combustion engine and builds into how the rest of the airplane works around supporting this power system. "I no longer work at FTP in the conventional sense, but I do put on the seminar on occasion to teach the next round of students they have coming through. The class is designed to teach any level of pilot, from private to CFI, and I enjoy bridging the gap between pilots and mechanics (since I try my best to speak both of their languages!)"

Nominated by Nathan T. Marler, General Manager, Exec Aero LLC:"Michael Janik has a great dedication to aviation. Initially he gained his private pilot certificate. Michael then entered the Exec Aero LLC’s aircraft mechanics apprenticeship program. Recently Michael gained his A&P certificate. While enduring the riggers of the apprenticeship program, Michael has gained additional education from DAHER and Cirrus Design as well as practical experience from working on the vast array of aircraft that pass-through Exec Aero LLC. These aircraft are anything from LSA category to King Air and even the all new Cirrus Vision Jet. Along with the practical mechanical knowledge Michael has also gained a working knowledge of Garmin G1000 and G3000 systems as well as the more traditional style of avionics. While in the apprenticeship program Michael also worked at Flight Training Professionals which was the recipient of AOPA 2016 Flight School of the Year award. All of this by his 22nd birthday. Michael is a valued team member and is currently mentoring other apprentices while continuing to gain in his aviation knowledge."

Janik's next goal for his aviation maintenance career is to enter into the airline industry. "The airlines are the reason I was so fascinated by airplanes at a young age. I feel that the airlines have something to offer for everyone, and I'd like to explore my options and find out where I fit in best."