Randall Arnold, 2018 AMT Next Gen 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Sept. 20, 2018
30, Line Maintenance Supervisor, Airborne Maintenance and Engineering, Erlanger, KY Years in Aviation: 4.5
In February 2014 Randall Arnold started working as an unlicensed mechanic at Airborne Maintenance and Engineering (AMES). In June 2016 he tested for his A&P license. "I did not attend college for my license I got it all through on-the-job training." He was one of the first participants in the Airborne Line Maintenance Utility Tech/A&P Advancement Program giving unlicensed individuals with mechanical aptitudes the ability to become a utility technician  through mentoring and on-the-job training. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) now offers multiple programs through AMES, including structures and avionics utility technicians, where untrained people can gain experience through AMES and then test through the FAA to get their A&P.
In January 2017, he began as a flight mechanic for AMES, working outstation coverage, general flight mechanic roles, and AOG work throughout the country. In October of 2017 he became fill-in supervisor for 3/13 dayshift He is responsible for Air Transport International (ATI) and their fleet of 25 Boeing aircraft moving through CVG. crew. In January of 2018 he was promoted to line maintenance supervisor in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, focusing on ATI/Amazon aircraft. Now he oversees a crew of approximately 13 working heavy line maintenance on the DHL and Amazon fleets.
He has received additional training in standard aviation requirements; B757 school; B767 school; B737 classic and next gen; Airbus A318, 319, 320, and 321 school; B757 and 767 engine run and taxi; Rii; RALM; ETOPS; and RVSM.
Nominated by Jim Savastano, AMES general manager: "Randall continually improved his knowledge and was always willing to jump into new training opportunities so he could perfect his skills. Over the course of three years he logged the hours needed to receive FAA signatures to enable him to take his A&P examinations. Randall is very humble about his promotions and the opportunities he has experienced since joining the team in 2014. This may be due to the work ethic that he learned from his Grandpa on the farm which is what has endeared him to his crew. He believes in investing and getting to know each person allowing him to understand their strengths. From there, he can match them to maintenance tasks that may need to be accomplished within minutes to meet customer requirements. He invests the time to lead his team to being successful in their tasks whether it’s demonstrating, counseling, or mentoring them to help improve their skillset-he is focused on their success."
Savastano says, “Randall was provided the opportunity to start his career but his dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn are what has made him successful and led to his promotions at the CVG Line Maintenance Station.” He sets the example for what can grow from a company investment in programs that provide skill training, mentoring, and long-term on-the-job training. He realized that he was given an opportunity to earn his licensure and he is now one of our most dedicated Supervisors leading his team to consistently high customer service scores."
Arnold supports the industry by "helping new mechanics either fresh out of school or in the utility tech programs, with learning these aircraft and teaching them the things they need to know to help achieve their goals, whether it's being a flight mechanic or getting their license. I encourage people to ask questions and get involved. I am always willing to help a mechanic that wants to better themselves. You are forever learning in this industry, but in order for that to work, people have to be willing to learn and also people willing to teach."
As for the future, Arnold's "goals are to constantly better myself and to continue to learn new things. I constantly strive to better those around me. It is all about the team and not individuals. I want to continue to move up in aviation and hopefully one day be in charge of an entire station or multiple stations. Continued knowledge helps not just yourself but those around you, while also helping to provide a safer work area."