2017 AMT Next Gen Award: Jan-Philipp Loos

Nov. 21, 2017
Senior Innovation Manager, 30, Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg, Germany

Jan-Philipp Loos studied international management and engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology and the University of Paderborn. In 2014, upon completing his studies, he moved directly to Lufthansa Technik to begin his career. Advanced training includes personality training such as conflict management and emotional intelligence in leadership.

His mentor is Dr. Helge Sachs, the former director corporate innovation management and product development at Lufthansa Technik.

He won the Lufthansa Innovator Award in 2015 for participating at the research project Shark Skin. This technology will enable a reduced fuel consumption for aircraft.

Loos started his professional experience more than three years ago in the corporate innovation management and product development at Lufthansa Technik. Currently he is working as a senior innovation manager with the responsibility to identify, evaluate, and implement new innovative ideas and the responsibility to coordinate the rollout of emerging technologies over all business units. Due to his responsibilities, he attends different conferences around the world concerning the topics of AI, augmented and virtual reality or future of work. He is regularly in the Silicon Valley area to looking for new start-ups in emerging technologies. 

Nominated by Thomas Erich, spokesperson, Lufthansa Technik AG: "As senior innovation manager in the Innovation Management and Product Development department at Lufthansa Technik, Jan-Philipp Loos (30) is responsible for coordinating all innovation activities and for the technology forecast. He reports directly to the Lufthansa Technik Executive Board on all these activities. He was involved in shaping the newly founded department of Innovation Management and Product Development from the beginning, playing a role in the establishment of innovation teams in the Product Divisions, conducting brainstorming workshops, pitching to the Executive Board, and developing the concept for the annual Innovation Days event. In setting up Technology Expert Groups on 3-D Printing, Digital Assistance Systems and Carbon-fiber Reinforced Polymers, Jan-Philipp Loos made a key contribution to the introduction of these technologies within Lufthansa Technik. This has made the technologies better known, and many colleagues are already developing their ideas on this basis. Jan-Philipp Loos has thus played a decisive role in the company’s technological leadership. The introduction of new technologies demands perseverance, stubbornness, and power of persuasion. Jan-Philipp Loos has all of these qualities. He conceptualizes and coordinates internal events, stimulating in his colleagues from the widest range of departments a willingness to engage with new technologies. Jan-Philipp Loos is a strong team player who loves challenges and always pursues a solution-driven approach. For Lufthansa Technik, Jan-Philipp Loos is the image of the ideal young, professional leader. His inspiring personality is paired with an instinctive sense for emerging technology trends. With his innovative strength and the ability to fuse Lufthansa Technik’s DNA with the big topics of the future, he has made a name for himself in the company."

As for goals, Loos wants to make the Lufthansa smarter and keep introducing emerging technologies and their exponential potential for new ideas. "I'm a visionary driven by the opportunities of shaping the industry in times of digital transformation," he says.