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Mobil Jet Oil 387

Mobil Jet Oil 387, a synthetic high performance capability turbine engine oil from ExxonMobil, offers industry-leading cleanliness without causing risks to the fluorocarbon elastomeric...
Cortec Corporation
ElectriCorr VpCI-238 and ElectriCorr VpCI-239

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 and 239

May 16, 2022
ElectriCorr VpCI-238 and 239 are multifunctional as both cleaners and corrosion inhibitors. They can remove oil, grime, wax and other contaminants with ease when used as a penetrating...
Snap-on Industrial
Keyless Entry Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
Tools & Equipment

Keyless Entry Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet

May 13, 2022
The Keyless Entry Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet (L5FPC60SCP) is an all-welded, 18-guage, powder-coated steel cabinet that provides extra rigid support for cans and pails.
Tiodize T8 Picture For Article


May 9, 2022
T8E-H is a 1400 degree Anti-Seize grease that replaces graphite petroleum grease on the new Gen-X and 9X jet engines, to aid in the installation and removal of threaded fasteners...

Mesa Airlines Signs Contract To Procure ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants Across Fleet

April 28, 2022
Mesa Airlines has signed a 5-year contract with Boeing and ExxonMobil to use Mobil Jet Oil II and Mobil HyJet IV-Aplus for its fleet of over 160 aircraft.