Magnetic Group Selects AMOS MRO

Feb. 20, 2024
SWISS AviationSoftware will transition the MRO provider from legacy systems to AMOS best practices.

Magnetic Group, an MRO service provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, has selected AMOS from Swiss AviationSoftware as its maintenance and engineering solution.

Specifically, Magnetic Group has opted for the AMOS MRO Edition, which extends the scope of AMOS features with “pure-play” MRO functions to optimize maintenance management capabilities.

"Choosing AMOS was driven by its reliability and the efficiency it offers through integration with our AI solutions and seamless data sharing with partners. This enhances our operational transparency and decision-making, streamlining processes and improving cooperation across our supply chain," said Jan Kotka, COO at Magnetic Group.

Implementing the solution will take 12 to 14 months and take place in multiple phases. Phase 1 will focus on deploying AMOS across Magnetic MRO’s operations. Phase 2 will involve the addition of a dedicated entity for Magnetic Line. The "Multi-Entity" functions in AMOS will enable Magnetic Group to facilitate the consolidation of financially independent entities within one system, offering independent financial management, centralized logistics modules, entity-specific financial tracking, and the ability to manage transactions between entities.

Magnetic Group will adopt a comprehensive "Train-the-Trainer" approach for technicians, facilitating knowledge transfer and empowering employees to leverage AMOS's full potential.

The ability to collaborate with others in the AMOS community when managing work packages and maintenance operations can be found using AMOScentral.

Furthermore, a news release from SWISS AviationSoftware notes the decision by Magnetic Group to adopt AMOS was “heavily influenced by the software's robust connectivity to external systems, which emerged as a strong requirement during their evaluation process. AMOS' seamless integration capabilities with various external platforms and systems not only align with Magnetic Group’s current operational infrastructure but also provide the flexibility needed to adapt to future technological advancements. This emphasis on connectivity ensures that Magnetic Group can leverage the full potential of AMOS while maintaining interoperability with their existing software ecosystem, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and data integrity across their maintenance processes.”

To date, Swiss AviationSoftware has more than 200 successful implementations.