Five Recognitions in Aviation This Week Jan. 14

Jan. 14, 2022
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FAA Implements More Efficient Descent Procedures

Descent procedures that the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put in place across the country in the 2021 will save millions of gallons of fuel and reduce CO2 and other emissions by hundreds of thousands of tons.

The 42 new Optimized Profile Descents (OPDs) allow planes to glide down safely from cruising altitudes into airspace for some of the nation’s largest airports instead of the fuel-consuming stair-step procedure.

Ridgewood Infrastructure Announces Acquisition of APP Jet Center

Ridgewood Infrastructure LLC announced the acquisition of APP Jet Center.

"APP has an outstanding business model, centered on providing exceptional service to its long-standing and high-quality customer base," said Ryan Stewart, partner of Ridgewood. "With a strong foundation built upon key facilities in several major metropolitan markets, Ridgewood looks forward to working in partnership with APP to continue growing the business, both organically and through selective acquisition." Stewart added, "We are excited to help take APP to the next level with continued focus on fostering long-term partnerships with our customers and an ongoing commitment to operational excellence and sustainability."

Airbus Delivered More Than 600 New Planes in 2021

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus delivered more than 600 commercial jets in 2021, slightly exceeding its target.

Demand for new aircraft is picking up significantly, despite the continuing coronavirus pandemic. In total, Airbus collected gross orders for 771 passenger and freighter aircraft in 2021. After cancellations, 507 of these remained. Demand was particularly strong for the A320neo family of medium-haul jets.

April Gasparri Named Westchester County Airport Manager

Avports announces the appointment of April Gasparri to Westchester County airport manager.

Gasparri has served in various leadership roles at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey – JFK and LaGuardia (LGA) airports – as well as at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), mainly in the areas of operations and maintenance, business strategy, policy development, customer experience and process improvement.

Naples Airport Authority Recognized for Excellence in Financial Reporting

Naples Airport Authority has been honored with its 16th consecutive Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2020.

Ken Warriner, senior director of Finance and Administration, and Christina Sarcona, senior manager of Finance and Administration for the Naples Airport Authority were also awarded the Financial Reporting Achievement Award by GFOA.