Moser to debut new pit system generation at Interairport in Munich

Oct. 6, 2015
Moser Systemelektrik GmbH will showcase new pit systems for underfloor supply units at airports at this year's inter airport trade show in Munich.

Moser Systemelektrik GmbH will showcase new pit systems for underfloor supply units at airports at this year's inter airport trade show in Munich. Following the takeover of Merz GmbH in 2013, the company has now completely revamped its product range and adapted it to the current requirements of all airport areas. The focus at this year's trade fair are Moser's three core products: the hatch pit, the pop-up pit and the newly developed electrically operated SE 100 pit. Moser can individually configure and equip all products according to customer specification. All systems can also be easily upgraded and retrofitted. Moser pit systems are complemented by system shafts. These monolithic cast concrete chambers accommodate the supply post underground and guarantee its smooth operation and proper functioning.

The hatch pits and pop-up pits are mechanically operated systems. While the hatch pit is easily opened for access to all required service cables, ground personnel can adjust the pop-up pit to optimum working height by means of a counterweight mechanism. Both systems are immediately ready for use and allow aircraft to be hooked up rapidly and reliably to supply connections.

The all-new SE 100 pit provides additional ease-of-use, incorporating an electric drive that raises and lowers the unit to optimum working height. On request, the unit even has an electrically operated cable feed unit to simplify the work of ground personnel and saves time. The SE 100 pit is the result of decades of experience in the development and manufacture of supply posts for municipal and public areas.

Bespoke and flexible features of Moser pits

All Moser pits can be equipped with up to four 400 Hz service cables or 2 for hatch pit on request with additional supply units, e.g. connections for compressed air, water, drainage and data. Further options include heaters, water level warning device and drainage pump. For special requirements, Moser also offers explosion-proof and sand-protected models.

The Moser pits systems are complemented by a range of system shafts that house and protect the supply posts in the ground. The chambers cast as one piece of concrete are either cast by Moser service technicians on site or delivered precast.

Planning, production, assembly and maintenance from a single source

The unique strengths of Moser Systemelektronik in the equipping of airports with pit systems are in the level of flexibility offered. "Moser Systemelektronik provides planning, production, assembly and maintenance from a single source. This allows us to address the individual requirements of the customer at all times and to implement a fitting solution," explains Tim Ungerer, the responsible project manager. According to Mr. Ungerer, it is also the high-quality manufacturing in Germany that guarantees the long life of the products as well compliance with national and international safety standards.

Moser Systemelektrik at Interairport, Munich: Hall B 6, Stand 820