Multilingual Digital Signage for Automated People Movers

Sept. 25, 2014
Advanced Application Design Inc. unveils the ICONS (In-Car Orientation and Navigation System) line of digital signage. Specifically designed to replace old scrolling LED signs on the inside of automated people movers (APMs) or light rail train cars, ICONS represents a major upgrade in communicating with passengers. ICONS high-definition panels are capable of displaying information in any language.  They display images and other graphics in a bright, clean way, viewable both at very close and not-so-close ranges in the vehicle. ICONS is an excellent platform to generate new advertising revenues using a variety of media types—images, audio and video.  Company logos can be shown to guide riders to visit the available concessionaires at specific gates.  ICONS also can tie into existing vehicle speaker systems to provide audio way finding plus offer synchronized audio and video.  ICONS technology is engineered and manufactured to withstand the rigorous heat, dust and vibration that is often part of an APM environment.  Over 350 ICONS signs have been installed at the world’s busiest passenger airport during the 3rd quarter of 2014.  For more information visit