TotalFBO Business Management Software

April 7, 2014

TotalFBO® is the #1 integrated accounting and business management software written for the general aviation market, licensed by over 1,500 businesses in every state and numerous foreign countries.  While our product is named TotalFBO®, it serves the needs of many branches of the Aviation industry including Repair Stations, Charter Operators, Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, and Avionics Shops, as well as the traditional FBOTotalFBO® is scalable, from single-user operations to large multiple-location corporations.

TotalFBO® version 6, based on world-class MSSQL database technology, is viewed to be the most powerful business management tool available in the industry and is the only aviation specific software application that incorporates a fully integrated accounting system.  TotalFBO® takes pride in being an industry leader by adapting to changing times. They were the first aviation business software to become PCI compliant which means you can process customer credit card information with confidence, knowing you are in compliance with current banking regulations. With custom business modules for managing fuel, line service, maintenance, charter and flight school operations, it is a very versatile business software tool.

The name TotalFBO® not only describes what the program does, but also the total commitment of service we put behind the product.  The TotalFBO® package includes more than just software and documentation – it is backed by years of experience and service dedicated to software for the General Aviation Industry.