Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast Covers New England

May 22, 2013
American market remains Quicksilver's home and they seek the best dealers to represent their aircraft.

Temecula, CALIFORNIA / May 21, 2013 - Quicksilver Aeronautics has dealers around the globe. In fact, significantly more sales are made out of the United States than domestically. The company started in the early 1970s and can boast 15,000 aircraft flying in nearly 100 nations. However, the American market remains Quicksilver's home and they seek the best dealers to represent their aircraft.

Asked why he chooses to represent the southern California manufacturer, Quicksilver Northeast proprietor Chris Hatin said, "Quicksilver's reputation for producing easy to assemble and great flying ultralight and 51% Experimental kits is why I approached them. Working with the company has been a pleasure; they certainly know what customer service is all about."

Recently Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast finished their Quicksilver Sprint II powered by the HKS 700T. With a turbo-charged 80-horsepower, four stroke, electric start engine, Hatin reports several advantages. Sprint II is an excellent trainer with remarkably slow stall - below 25 mph - and with the quiet running HKS powerplant, Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast gains superb fuel economy at less than three gallons per hour.

"As our representative in the northeastern territory of the country, Chris has demonstrated a gracious attitude about customer service as he sells our aircraft," said sales manager Todd Ellefson. "He's also been innovative about equipping our amateur built kit and we're very pleased to have Chris on our team."

"We build kits and ship them all over the world, but we value quality dealers to build customer confidence so maintaining local dealers throughout the United States is why we completely revised our dealer plan," said company president Will Escutia. "We continue to seek the best dealer representatives in other countries but America remains our home market so businesses like Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast are very important."

Contact Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast at: 518-796-0732 or email to info@quicksilverne.com. Visit Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast's website at http://www.quicksilverne.com or visit in person at Harris Airport (8NK3) in Fort Ann, New York.


Quicksilver Aeronautics, under new ownership since 2012, is the most prolific builder of light aircraft kits in the world, with more than 15,000 units flying. Quicksilver builds the MX series including the Sprint, Sprint II, Sport, Sport II, Sport 2S and the GT series including the single seat GT 400 and the two place GT 500. The GT 500 is the first aircraft approved by FAA under the Primary Aircraft category (1993). Quicksilver has dealers throughout the USA and the world with thousands flying in nearly 100 countries. The brand has an enviably good safety record owing significantly to exceptional ease of flight, thorough engineering, and long experience dating to the early 1970s.

Reach Quicksilver Aeronautics at 951-506-0061 - Fax 951-506-1589 - Email: sales@QSair.com - Website: http://www.QuicksilverAircraft.com