Snoop Dogg Banned for Life By British Airways

April 28, 2006
Seven officers were hurt - one of whom broke a hand - when some of his boozy 30-strong entourage forced their way into a VIP lounge.

SNOOP Dogg was banned for life yesterday by British Airways over his minders' brawl with Heathrow police.

Seven officers were hurt - one of whom broke a hand - when some of his boozy 30-strong entourage forced their way into a VIP lounge.

The gangsta rapper, 34, and five pals were yesterday freed on bail after spending the night in cells.

But an airline spokesman fumed yesterday: "This kind of behaviour is not tolerated.

"We are making sure none of this group will be allowed to travel with BA ever again. They are banned from now on."

The louts later ran amok in a duty-free shop, looting cigarettes and booze and smashing bottles.

Police sources likened the ugly scenes to "a mini-riot". At one stage riot police needed pepper spray to subdue the louts.

Violence erupted when the group - flying from Los Angeles to South Africa via London - tried to enter a first-class lounge despite many having economy tickets.

When British Airways staff refused them entry, some threatened them and simply barged past.

Police with dogs were attacked as they arrived to eject them. Further clashes broke out at the Terminal 1 duty-free store.

A police source revealed yesterday: "A number of the group appeared to have got off the LA flight the worse for drink.

"They tried to intimidate their way into the lounge and when they were refused they turned ugly.

"When we arrived there was a mini-riot. Several of the mob went berserk, ran into a duty-free shop and started smashing it up.

"Others were said to have stolen bottles of spirits and other stuff.

"As we tried to calm things down and make arrests, several officers were kicked, punched and threatened with bottles.

"Some suffered bruises and one constable suffered a broken hand."

The hip-hop star - once cleared of murder 13 years ago - and his pals were led away in handcuffs.

They were taken to two different stations and quizzed on a range of alleged crimes including assaulting police, criminal damage and theft.

A witness who saw Wednesday evening's fracas confirmed: "It was a mini-riot. People were going berserk, smashing bottles, threatening airline staff and grappling with cops. There was smashed glass everywhere.

"Police drew their sticks to deal with them. Officers were there very quickly but a full-scale punch-up broke out. It was very frightening."

None of the group were allowed to board the British Airways to Johannesburg, where Snoop is due to play three charity gigs.

The arrests mean he missed the first, in Johannesburg last night.

Snoop - real name Calvin Broadus - left Heathrow police station in a people carrier shortly after 5pm yesterday.

He headed to a London hotel while his staff made new arrangements for him to fly to South Africa where he has further gigs on Saturday and Monday.

The star and his friends must return to Britain next month, when they could face charges.

Scotland Yard confirmed: "Snoop Dogg has been freed on bail as have the five others.

"They have been told to return in May to find out the outcome of the investigation."

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