P&WC's PT6 turboprop engine selected by Lancair

July 27, 2007


Manufacturer and designer of aircraft engines Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business division of United Technologies Corp (NYSE:UTX), announced Wednesday (25 July) that the company's PT6 turboprop engine has been selected to power the all-new four-place Evolution aircraft of Lancair International, a designer and manufacturer of piston and turbine kit aircraft. Lancair will reportedly provide a PT6-135A engine as part of its 'fast-build kit' for its new experimental Evolution aircraft. PW&C said that the PT6A-135A engine is one of the latest derivatives of the PT6 turboprop family. Rated at 750 shp for takeoff, it reportedly offers excellent power at cruise altitude due to its high thermal rating. Financial details were not available.

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