Simulator Helps Train Air Traffic Controllers

June 30, 2009


The Federal Aviation Administration is spending $48 million on 30 air traffic control tower simulators.

NewsCenter 5's David Brown reported Monday that it is part of a new training program for air traffic controllers. The new high-tech state-of-the-art video simulators have landed at Logan International Airport.

"Airport environments are complex and diverse, and operating an airfield safely is a carefully orchestrated symphony with a love of moving parts," Massport Director of Aviation Edward Freni said.

Before Monday, once air traffic controllers left the classroom they got on the job training high in the tower. The new interactive system allows for highly-realistic training in a safe non-operational environment.

Logan's airfield and surrounding communities were recreated using more than 1,500photos. Daytime as well as nighttime backgrounds simulate the nearly 1,000 daily takeoffs and landings.

"It can go from light traffic to very complex and heavy work load. That's the benefit of this. It does recreate what we consider to be very resemblance of what we really work with," said Deborah James, of the Federal Aviation Administration.

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