One Week. 5000 Animals. A Lofty Goal for Pilots N Paws

June 30, 2009

LANDRUM, S.C. , June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- More often than we realize, private pilots across the country fill their planes with unlikely passengers, transporting them to safe new homes. And during the week of September 12-20, 2009 , these good Samaritans have committed to flying off into the horizon for the sake of saving 5000 of these special passengers.

Who are these passengers? They are our animal friends who need homes and are being flown to safe havens and out of shelters that can no longer house them and in which the pets are most often facing euthanasia.

Pilots N Paws, an online forum for animal rescue groups and pilots to coordinate animal transports around the country, has dubbed the event The Pilots N Paws 5000, and is currently seeking volunteers to join the crusade to rescue shelter pets and get them to safety and adoptive homes.

"The goal of The Pilots N Paws 5000 is to increase awareness among pilots and aircraft owners across the country of the dire need for animal transports," says Jon Wehrenberg , co-founder of Pilots N Paws. "Pilots' involvement can help to save thousands of animals from euthanasia. We are committed to increasing the number of pilots and plane owners involved in Pilots N Paws so that no request for transport goes unanswered."

Of course, this event cannot take place without strong support from pilots, animal shelters, rescues, and fosters. If a shelter or rescue is from an area that has high rates of euthanasia, Pilots N Paws would like that shelter or rescue to pencil in the week of September 12-20 , and commit to making an animal or multiple animals available to an animal shelter or rescue in an area where these animals can be placed in forever homes.

Rescues and fosters will need to locate their counterparts in areas of the country where high kill rates are not the rule, and have them find fosters and make space available for the animals that will be rescued. Ideally the distance between the sending and receiving parties should be approximately 300 miles, which is an average distance for general aviation pilots. The sending and receiving pair will then team up with a pilot volunteer who will provide the transportation during this special rescue week. The process is made easy through the use of the Pilots N Paws website, which is designed to bring the parties together and facilitate the making of all necessary transport arrangements.

Pilots, plane owners, animal rescues and shelters are currently being sought out to be a part of this important countrywide humanitarian event in September. Pilots N Paws is a 501(c)3 organization so pilots' expenses relating to transports are tax deductible. For more information on Pilots N Paws, visit

If you'd like to be involved in The Pilots N Paws 5000, register on our website or contact Debi Boies at [email protected]

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Contact: Deborah Boies Co-Founder, Pilots N Paws 864-895-5234 [email protected]

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