Charlotte City Council Approves Money To Improve Baggage Handling At Airport

Nov. 24, 2009


Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is upgrading its baggage system for international flights.

Charlotte city leaders said it can use $3.9 million from its discretionary fund to make over two baggage conveyor belts. Airport director Jerry Orr said passengers probably won't see the actual changes, but should see a difference.

"They don't know how it works or what it's doing for them, but it means their bag makes the connection, gets on the airplane. It means good things for them,” he said.

Crews will install more automated conveyor belts to sort bags, so there are fewer mistakes, your baggage goes where you go, and luggage doesn't back up, something some international travelers, like the Gorhams, have seen.

Natasha Gorham said, "Sometimes you can have baggage that piles up and you're trying to differentiate who came from England or who came from Germany."

Crews will also extend the high-tech belts to Checkpoint "E" to make travel easier for people who just got off international flights and are switching to domestic ones.

We're told it will take at least a year and a half to finish the changes.

Charlotte Approves Money To Improve Baggage Handling At Airport

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