RAA congratulates Dr. Earl F. Weener on nomination to NTSB

Jan. 22, 2010

The Regional Airline Association (RAA) today applauded the Obama Administration’s nomination of Dr. Earl F. Weener to the National Transportation Safety Board.

“The Regional Airline Association is thrilled with President Obama’s decision to nominate Dr. Earl Weener to such an important post in his administration,” said Roger Cohen, president of RAA. “Dr. Weener’s background and demonstrated commitment to aviation safety make him the right person for this key position, and having the right person at the National Transportation Safety Board has never been more important.”

Dr. Weener, a fellow at the Flight Safety Institute, has played a key role in the aviation industry’s ongoing safety programs, including the development of a pilot fatigue mitigation tool kit. As part of its Strategic Safety Initiative (SSI), RAA has included a Fatigue Study, which is designed to determine the effects of workload on pilot fatigue. Dr. Weener’s Fatigue Management Tool Kit provides airlines with an industry leading resource document that RAA members will use to develop and enhance their fatigue training programs.

The RAA strongly supports the nomination of Dr. Weener to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and calls for swift action from the United States Senate to schedule a confirmation hearing. Additionally, the RAA urges President Obama to fulfill the remaining vacant NTSB seat. The NTSB’s investigative capabilities and objectivity are crucial to understanding the underlying causes of aviation accidents and providing the recommendations essential to continuing to improve air transportation safety.