Odyssey Aviation to open new facility at Lakefront Airport

March 12, 2010

Our strategically placed new facility is ultra-convenient! The main entrance of Odyssey Aviation is straight ahead when exiting Interstate 10 en route to KNEW; finding an FBO has never been easier! As your aircraft touches down, our spacious ramp is the first turn off the runway enabling your passengers to be on their way as quickly as possible. Once inside, a scenic view of Lake Ponchartrain can be seen from every angle. Throughout the FBO you’ll see unique shapes and designs detailing the art deco history of Lakefront Airport.

You’ve never seen an FBO like this before! We’re taking the “O” concept to a whole new level featuring a custom designed elliptical-shaped lobby equipped with all of the amenities you’ve come to expect in a top ranked FBO. This final step in the rebuilding of Lakefront Airport is the culmination of hard work, dedication and determination of the Odyssey Aviation family. You’ve heard the stories and seen the shocking photos from Katrina, now come see for yourself how we’ve risen above it all, bigger and better than ever!

New Orleans is back in full swing! The effects of Hurricane Katrina will no longer hold us back. We look forward to regaining our status as the top FBO in Louisiana. Odyssey currently services a vast majority of the aircraft that land at Lakefront Airport and have for nearly 20 years! Our group showed great commitment through Hurricane Katrina and are now stronger than ever, well-deserving of their brand new home, and excited to show it off!