Officials Planning For Jefferson County Airpark Expansion

March 25, 2010


Expansion is a big goal for the Jefferson County Airpark, and officials said they want to get more people in the air and even bring in a corporate jet business.

Airpark officials want to add more opportunities for pilots, such as extending the runway 4,000 feet and having parallel taxiways.

Airport manager Phil Bender said the Federal Aviation Administration must first approve the expansion.

"It's not just we want it and they'll build it. Everything has to have a justification to earn those federal dollars," Bender said.

County leaders said they think the airport is a great spot to reel in profits.

Bender took NEWS9's Allison Latos on her first piloting experience Wednesday and hopes for more new up-and-coming pilots to come out.

They're also coming up with different ways to bring in more people and profit.

"When I learned to fly, there were planes here to rent,” said pilot Mike Menzel, adding that for a number of years after that, there weren’t. So, Menzel bought a plane for the airpark and now, the plane is available for pilots to rent.

There's also talk of creating a tour of the county from the clouds, and officials said another way of increasing air traffic is teaching people how to fly.

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Jefferson County Airpark Expansion

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