One Billion Gallons in Camelina Biofuel by 2025

March 25, 2010

MIAMI, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Biofuels market researchers at Biomass Advisors projected today that one billion gallons of Camelina biofuel would be produced for the aviation and biodiesel sectors by 2025, creating 25,000 new jobs - producing over $5.5 billion in new revenues and $3.5 billion in new agricultural income for U.S. and Canadian farmers. The projections are contained in "Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report," released today by the research group.

The report follows recent announcements by Sustainable Oils and Alt-Air, among others, to provide 100 million gallons of Camelina-based jet fuel to a consortium of 15 airlines starting in 2014. Camelina Aviation Biofuels provides an objective, in-depth assessment of Camelina and the market drivers behind aviation industry activity.

Camelina sativa is a non-food, low-input energy crop that can be grown as a rotation crop in place of summer fallow to generate new farm income. Camelina meal by-product also holds promise as a high-protein animal feed to boost Omega-3 content in meats, dairy, poultry, eggs and pork products. The FDA recently approved Camelina meal as a component of livestock feed rations, and tests have shown measurable increases in Omega-3 meat and dairy content.

The forecast is based on multiple factors including available land, historical trends in land-use change, and crop yields. It also includes an overview of relevant biofuel market and policy drivers, as well as emerging legislation and regulation creating a market for sustainable energy crops like Camelina. The report provides a detailed analysis of Camelina economics, including biofuel feedstock costs, petroleum parity analysis, and a summary of more than 75 Camelina research projects in over 20 U.S. states.

According to Chet Geschickter, co-author of the report, "Now that a renewal to the biodiesel tax incentive is in the works, the biofuel industry needs to turn its attention to securing sustainable, low-cost feedstocks. Prices for conventional soy and canola oils are driven by food. Camelina promises to decouple food and fuel and make biofuel economics work." Co-author Mackinnon Lawrence added, "To be both sustainable and profitable, biofuels need a new, non-food oil source like Camelina, which can be grown on millions of acres of idle cropland to produce renewable jet fuel that is cost-competitive without subsidies."

"Camelina Aviation Biofuels Market Opportunity and Renewable Energy Strategy Report" is 116 pages, and includes more than 60 figures, tables and charts, along with regional crop forecast maps for visualizing business opportunities and planning infrastructure needs. The report is available for a purchase price of $695.

More information, including a free Table of Contents and abstract is available at, or by emailing [email protected].

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