Frontier To Continue Midwest's Charity Efforts

April 14, 2010


Local charities are hoping Frontier will continue the efforts Midwest started.

For 21 years, Midwest helped raise money for the MACC Fund through things like their annual plane pull.

Leaders of the Childhood Cancer Charity said they have been given assurance that a stronger airline will help them do more.

“We have every reason to believe they will continue to be a very good citizen as Frontier Airlines just like Midwest has been. It's hard to let a name go,” said John Cary of the MACC Fund. “But it's hard for every dad to have their daughter change their name as well. It's part of life.”

The Midwest Airlines Center located downtown will be renamed “The Frontier Airlines Center.” Republic officials said the change will take place soon, but have not given a date.

Frontier To Continue Midwest's Charity Efforts

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