Computer Glitch Causes Major Delays At OIA

April 29, 2010

A computer problem at Orlando International Airport caused major delays for some travelers, Wednesday night.

Airport officials said a national U.S Customs and Border Protection computer system crashed, early Wednesday night. The computer system checks the identification and passports of international travelers.

At Orlando International Airport, between 400 to 800 international passengers had to wait for hours to check into the U.S.

Officials said the travelers were not allowed to use their cell phones while the system was down, because of the strict rules for passengers going through customs.

The computer system was back up by around 10 p.m., but the affected passengers, and the people who went to the airport to pick them up, were still delayed for hours.

The Federal Aviation Administration's flight plan computer system crashed in November 2009, causing nationwide delays, including more than 100 at Orlando International Airport.

Computer Glitch Causes Delays At Customs

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