Environmental Tectonics Corporation Awarded Contract from El Paso International Airport for the purchase of ADMS

May 4, 2010

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., May 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Environmental Tectonics Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ETCC) ("ETC" or the "Company") today announced that they have received a contract from the El Paso International Airport to deliver ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator.

The City of El Paso is the sixth largest city in the state of Texas and the twenty-second largest city in the United States. The El Paso Fire Department answers an estimated 63,000 calls for service per year. The fire department's responsibilities include fire suppression, hazardous materials response, recruit and veteran training, medical response and transport, as well as airport fire protection and aircraft firefighting and rescue for the El Paso International Airport.

Serving the airport is an integral part of the fire department's job. The airport, which encompasses nearly 7,000 acres, is vitally important to the regional transportation system for aviation involving airline passenger travel, industrial, commercial and cargo activity.

In support of the training of the fire department's services, the El Paso International Airport purchased ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator. ADMS will enable the fire department as well as surrounding agencies such as the police departments and emergency medical staff to train on a virtual basis on a variety of incidents. These incidents include multiple downed aircraft, a multi-story structural fire, and a warehouse fire and hostage incident. Their ADMS system also includes ADMS ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Firefighting) in which the firefighters can gain experience in using ARFF vehicle turret controls, the application of fire fighting agent, vehicle operation, basic driving and positioning.

ETC Simulation's ADMS will support the fire department's mission, "The basic mission of the Fire Department is to prevent or minimize the loss of life and property from the effects of fire or other emergencies and to render such public assistance as may be determined by the Fire Chief or higher authority."

Javier Rubio, the Division Chief of Aviation, stated, "ADMS is going to be that training tool that allows our fire department, local law enforcement, and airport to respond to and mitigate emergencies in a much more effective and efficient manner; we can't wait to get started with training."

ADMS, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator is a Virtual Reality Simulation Training Stage. A unique level of immersion is achieved by ETC's signature technology by blending physics-based simulation, embedded artificial intelligence, accurate animations, photo-realistic graphics, and ambient sounds. ADMS enables first responders and emergency managers to train and rehearse at all levels of response, in a safe, economical and green way.

ETC was incorporated in 1969 in Pennsylvania and last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Our core technologies include the design, manufacture and sale of Training Services (TSG) which includes (1) software driven products and services used to create and monitor the physiological effects of flight; (2) high performance jet tactical flight simulation, and; (3) driving and disaster simulation systems, and Control Systems (CSG) which includes: (1) steam and gas sterilization; (2) testing and simulation devices for the automotive industry, and; (3) hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers. Product categories included in TSG are Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) and flight simulators, disaster management systems and entertainment applications. CSG includes sterilizers, environmental control devices and hyperbaric chambers along with parts and service support.

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