Hollywood Airport Could Fund Soundproofing Of Nearby Homes

June 8, 2010


Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport plans to expand its south runway to include more commercial flights, which means more traffic and more noise for the nearby residents.

“It’s not too bad. I do hear big planes every once in a while. I think it’s going to get worse, definitely,” said resident Chris Greene.

Organizers at the airport know the addition of flights will affect the area, so they are testing a new program to help with the noise. They are using loudspeakers to project "pink noise," which simulates the noise of a Boeing 727 airplane and helps sound technicians determine which areas of a home are most susceptible to noise.

"We're taking these homes to give us a better understanding of what kind of construction is here. We want to put in the right windows and doors," said Jacque Beaumier, the noise mitigation officer for Broward County Aviation.

The airport plans on soundproofing the homes by installing new doors and windows in the surrounding neighborhood, and they are planning on picking up all costs.

Neighbors will be hearing much more of the noise tests, which will continue through Friday.

If Dania Beach approves the program, the airport plans to start working on the homes in a few months.

Construction on the runway is scheduled to begin in late 2011 and should be completed by 2014.

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