New Security System In Place At Bradley

Oct. 1, 2010


Starting Thursday, passengers going through Bradley International Airport have two options for their security screenings: passengers can go through the traditional metal detector or the new full body scanner.

Some people said they would choose the optional full body scan, while others said they would stick with the traditional metal detectors and pat downs.

Officials from the Transportation Security Administration demonstrated the system at the airport on Thursday and stressed that it is part of the TSA's continuing effort to ensure the safety of travelers and allay some fears travelers might have of the new technology.

"Imaging technology not only enhances security, it reduces the need for pat down searches, especially for those passengers with joint replacements and other medical conditions," said David Bassett, of the TSA.

The scan is designed to speed up security checks and eliminate the need for a physical search, which some travelers are uncomfortable with.

The scan takes about seven seconds and the images cannot be stored, transmitted or printed.

"Passenger privacy is insured through the anonymity of the image. The officer attending the passenger will not see the image, and the officer viewing the image will be remotely located where the passenger cannot physically see them," said Bassett.

Bradley International Airport is one of 32 airports using the system. Another type is in use at 26 other airports, and the TSA hopes to have 300 in place by the end of the year.

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