Greenjets Introduces $10,000 Private Jet Seat Service Guarantee

Oct. 14, 2010
Greenjets Introduces $10,000 Private Jet Seat Service Guarantee

Greenjets Introduces $10,000 Private Jet Seat Service Guarantee

Premium travelers can now rest assured that when they book a seat on a private jet through Greenjets, the seat cost and availability are backed by a $10,000 guarantee

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Jets Incorporated is pleased to announce its industry leading $10,000 service guarantee. For the first time, clients are guaranteed seats on private jets at confirmed prices or they will receive $10,000 from Greenjets. Travelers reserve seats on private jets for flights within the Greenjets network, and when confirmed the seat price and flight availability is guaranteed. Availability and seat prices are not conditional on others joining the flight, there are no blackout dates, and there is no fine print; when Greenjets confirms, clients fly and pay the affordable seat price.

Greenjets' published guaranteed seat prices are as low as:

  • New York - Florida $1,950/seat
  • Los Angeles - New York $3,850/seat
  • Florida - Chicago $2,600/seat
  • Las Vegas - New York $3,150/seat
  • Chicago - New York $1,950/seat
  • San Francisco - Los Angeles $1,600/seat

Greenjets has established a fast-growing network of US markets where it guarantees private jet seat availability at published prices, plus only government fees and taxes. By the end of 2010, the Greenjets network will include New York, Los Angeles, South Florida, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, and San Francisco. During 2011, Greenjets will be adding six new markets. An interactive service and pricing map is available at

Greenjets is on track to arrange in excess of 1,500 private jet seat flights during 2010 with a perfect record of service reliability. Customer satisfaction and repeat business is very high, and Greenjetcard memberships and renewal rates are very strong. The Greenjetcard is the first and only per-seat private jet frequent flier discount card. Greenjetcard membership allows clients to save up to 80% compared to conventional charter, and does not involve pre-paid flights or funds on account. The Greenjetcard is being adopted by premium airline travelers looking for more reliable and convenient flight service at a price that makes sense compared to chartering aircraft, and fractional jet owners and jet card holders looking for substantial cost savings compared with their current private flight solutions. With Greenjets, travelers are making the choice to save money, while remaining more environmentally responsible by sharing the aircraft instead of flying alone.

Dean Rotchin, CEO, explains: "When clients reserve through Greenjets they are assured their seats on a private flight and they pay the published seat price. We guarantee the service and our track record speaks for itself. Greenjets' service promise is now backed with a $10,000 guarantee. No one in the industry offers this guarantee, because no one delivers the service like Greenjets."

Greenjets is an easy and financially smart way to save time by flying private, by the seat. Greenjets does not own or operate aircraft - travel service is provided by ARGUS Platinum/Gold safety-rated FAA Part 135 air charter operators who maintain operational control at all times. Greenjets is committed to the highest safety, convenience and comfort standards at the lowest possible cost to you and the environment. Guarantee terms and conditions apply:

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