Stay Connected at 30,000 Feet: The First InFlight Messaging Service Debuts

March 3, 2011
It leverages the aircraft's Wi-Fi connection to make it quick and easy for passengers to have single or group two-way text message conversations with their business associates, family and friends while in flight.

NEW YORK, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- InFlight Labs, LLC announced today the deployment of a powerful new online service that has airline passengers all around the nation singing its praises.™leverages the aircraft's Wi-Fi connection tomake it quick and easy for passengers to have single or group two-way text message conversations with their business associates, family and friends while in flight.

This proprietary technology combines the best features of instant messaging and text messaging to offer a new "Advanced Real-Time Communication" experience for its subscribers.

"Business travelers can use their laptop or iPad (coming soon) to access this simple web interface to send and receive messages (approx. 4-7 seconds) to any mobile phone in the U.S. Add to that the ability to group message up to 25 colleagues at once and hold 'text conversations' while at 30,000 feet, and you have a powerful business productivity tool," says Tiffany Van Alst, Head of Strategic Alliances for the InFlight Labs, LLC.

With InFlight Messenger,it will no longer be necessary to wrestle with "size challenged" mobile keyboards or number pads to type messages. Travelers can communicate with the ease and comfort of a full-sized computer keyboard. Passengers can use the service while in-flight or on the ground to send and receive messages anywhere an Internet connection is available.

InFlight Messenger offers a time-stamped Message History, and aText Message Calendar which enable a subscribing passenger to enter a business associate, family member or friend's schedule, appointments or events. The individual will be sent text message reminders any hour, day, month or year. All replies to the text message reminder will be forwarded to a subscribing passenger's mobile phone even if they are off the website. This will ensure the utmost connectivity.

"InFlight Messenger can be the 'missing piece to the puzzle' for in-flight Wi-Fi providers and airlines. This service will move the market forward for in-flight Wi-Fi companies such as GoGo and Row44, as well as many airlines, to help achieve large-scale in-flight Wi-Fi adoption much sooner than projected," states Tiffany Van Alst.

When a Wi-Fi provider or airline partners with the InFlight Messenger Team, they will gain invaluable branding benefits. The partner's brand will be featured in the header of hundreds of thousands of messages sent and received daily. Additionally, because InFlight Messenger works from any Internet connection; passengers can use it in-flight and on the ground, which will further extend the partner's branding strategy.

InFlight Messenger will be priced between just $1 and $1.99 depending on which package a passenger subscribes. But for a very limited time, customers can sign-up for this exciting new service for free at

About InFlight Labs, LLC:InFlight Labs, LLC is a privately held company with offices in Manhattan, NY, and Los Gatos, CA. The company is currently in the process of launching a world-class proprietary platform to aggregate an advanced real-time communication experience for its subscribers.

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