The World Is Too Much With Us

March 16, 2016

What a world! We’re in the midst of an election in which many (most?) people aren’t happy with either party and others are totally sick of the guvmint in general.

Thank goodness for aviation news, which is still interesting and still (usually?) understandable, and even makes sense.

Just this morning Delta warned me, “Don’t miss out,” They want to give me 40,000 free miles if I will obtain a certain credit card — which I think I already have. Delta gave me a piece of Hartmann luggage when I qualified as a Delta Million Miler, and I keep hoping someday they’ll give me another piece for some reason or other.

Southwest, OTOH, sent notice that they are selling one-way tickets for $69! I keep hoping one such deal will fit a trip I have to make.

Airports Council International sent some really good news: Global airline traffic — which was great last year — is still growing this year! Let all the world shout hallelujah, or something like that! The growth is aided by new and expanding markets — India, for one example, has a projected growth of 7.5 percent this year — but the USA is definitely participating in the upsurge.

Then — uh-oh — Aviation Week & Space Technology (AW&ST) warns me that airline pilots, maintenance technicians and other employees want their share of the pie, now that things are looking up.

These employees have a strong argument. They say that they gave and gave during the rough times, now they want to share in the good times. That sounds reasonable but we haven’t yet heard the management side of the argument.

All of these aviation tidbits — and many others — arrived in my inbox Tuesday morning, March 15!