Top 40 Under 40: Tina McCarthy

Dec. 3, 2014

 Tina Catherine McCarthy

Philadelphia International Airport

Public Relations Specialist


Tina McCarthy completed her undergraduate degree in Aviation Management Flight at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2009. McCarthy’s love for working with people and creating a brand image led her from days as a pilot to an aviation career in Public Relations at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). McCarthy was hired at PHL in 2011 as a Public Relations Specialist. She is mainly responsible for the social media and events at the Airport. Miss McCarthy began her career in 2009 where she worked for a food marketing company while she trained to be a Marine Corps aviator. She is a licensed Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot with an instrument rating and still continues to fly, mainly training on private jets, while working at PHL.

Top 40 Under 40 Questions

1) Why did you select aviation as a career?

I selected aviation as a career because I wanted to be a hurricane hunter and I love to travel. Throughout my childhood, I was very interested in weather and what caused storms to produce damaging winds, snow, hail, rain, etc. I thought what better way to learn about weather than to actually fly into one! It wasn’t long before I realized that it was way too much math; however, the thrill of flying stayed with me. I fell in love with it!

2) What advice from a mentor helped you the most in your career?

Do what makes you happy. If you are not happy with your career, then make an informed decision.

3) What is the biggest challenge you see facing aviation today?

The biggest challenge I see facing aviation today is the pilot shortage and how some of that is caused by the deficit in a pilot’s salary. Pilots need to be compensated

appropriately for their demanding and stressful career. Without pilots, consumer inconvenience is a potential outcome and/or reality.

4) What advice would you give to others in the industry?

Although it can be a demanding industry, do what you do, do it well and give 100 % every day. Hard work will pay off!

5) What are three things we don’t know about you?

1) I still would love to be a Marine Corps aviator and fly F/A-18 Hornet. Who wouldn’t want to fly fast?!

2) If I could pursue a second degree, I would love to get my RN and become a flight nurse.

3) Aerobatic flying is one of the neatest activities I have ever had the privilege of doing.