Top 40 Under 40: Kerri Fadden

Dec. 3, 2014


Kerri Fadden graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management and an Associates of Science Degree in Flight Operations from Daniel Webster College in 2005. Kerri obtained her pilot’s license and accepted her first aviation job as a line service technician for a small FBO while attending college. After graduation, Kerri was promoted into the accounts payable department as the FBO’s Warranty Administrator.

In 2006, Kerri expanded her career as an Airport Operations Specialist at the Burlington International Airport in Burlington, VT. In 2008, Kerri took the position of Airport Operations Coordinator with William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, TX. Kerri joined the Massachusetts Port Authority team in 2011 as an Airport Operations Shift Manager for L.G. Hanscom Field. She contributed to the team effort in achieving the 2012-2013 Balchen/Post Award. In June of 2013, Kerri earned her Airport Certified Employee Certification in Operations from the American Association of Airport Executives. In March of 2014, Kerri achieved her MBA concentration Aviation from Daniel Webster College. Kerri attended the 48th International Aviation Snow Symposium as a recipient of the American Associations of Airport Executives New England chapter Snow Symposium Grant in April 2014.

1.) Why did you select aviation as a career?

Since the age of 12 I wanted to pursue an aviation career. I had never been on an airplane, in an airport, nor had any relatives who were in the industry. I knew that watching planes fly several miles high across the sky was enough to hold my interest.

2.) What advice from a mentor helped you the most in your career?

When things come easy in life they are less appreciated. In order to succeed, one must be able to challenge oneself and learn from ones’ own mistakes.

3.) What is the biggest challenge you see facing aviation today?

After 9 years of working in different climates, I have realized that Mother Nature is one of the strongest challenges that Aviation faces today. Airports are expected to maintain safe, efficient and updated conditions at all times for the aviation industry to succeed. Weather hasn’t been the easiest obstacle to handle when painting surface markings, recovering from hurricanes or clearing snowy conditions.

4.) What advice would you give others in the industry?

Aviation is an industry that is constantly changing. I encourage those involved to continue educating themselves everyday on these changes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, considering one individual cannot always have the answers. Team work is the key for success in any aviation career.

5.) What are the three things we don’t know about you?

Regardless of how many times I have seen this in my life, I am still in awe every time I see an aircraft arrive or depart.

One of the biggest things I enjoy in life is meeting new people. Aviation has offered me plenty of opportunities to meet new and interesting people.

I perform my best under stress; the more stressful the job, the more accurately I work. Working out and keeping a healthy life style has helped me to deal with stress easily.