AviationPros.com's New Look

July 8, 2014
Our new responsive design changes to fit the size of a desktop, tablet or smartphone

You may have noticed things have changed with Aircraft Maintenance Technology’s official web site, AviationPros.com — especially in how the site looks and operates.

AviationPros.com rolled out a new responsive web site design at the beginning of June. This new design changes as you resize your window — the content fitting in whatever view you currently have, from three columns all the way down to one — and translates very well to other devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Responsive design

A responsive web site design is aimed at crafting sites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. The reason behind the shift to a responsive design is simple: Smartphone and tablet use is growing. More and more people are accessing content on the go, using their smartphones and tablets to do so.

According to a report by Neilson in late 2013, nearly three-quarters of all new mobile phone purchases were smartphones. Back in 2012, that number was less than 50 percent.

So what it comes down to is this: The future is mobile. People are increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers to consume content. And if a web site is not providing a mobile-friendly experience, visitors will go to a website that does.

Targeted content

AviationPros.com wanted to design a platform to increase engagement on the web, create a better user interface for its growing mobile audience, and provide an innovative way to target content to a user’s interests. This is where responsive design came into play.

What’s changed with the new site? Nothing and everything are probably the closest answers.

There’s no need to worry. All of the content that you have come to love and expect on AviationPros.com is all still there, but it’s been organized into topic channels to better enable our users to more easily find information that pertains to their interests and needs.

For Aircraft Maintenance Technology readers, you'll find information under three channels:

• Aircraft: For news on aircraft developments and maintenance providers.

 • Engines & Components: For the latest information on engines, avionics and other aircraft components and the companies that provide them.

 • Tools & Equipment: For information on the latest equipment to perform your job more safely and efficiently.

With this new design, users will now get a very similar experience no matter how they choose to access the information on the site.

So take some time and check it out — on multiple devices — and let us know what you think!