2013 Maintenance Skills Orientation Meeting

Feb. 22, 2013
An Orientation Meeting will be held on March 12, 2013 at 1230 in “The Hangar,” Las Vegas Convention Center.

An Orientation Meeting will be held on March 12, 2013 at 1230 in "The Hangar," Las Vegas Convention Center during Cygnus Aviation Expo. This meeting is mandatory for all AMT/AMEs scheduled to compete. Representatives from competing teams may also attend.  

At the Orientation Meeting, each judge for all scheduled events will introduce themselves and explain the criteria for their events as well as what each judge will be looking for during the competition.

After each judge has finished introducing themselves and explaining their respective event they will then answer any questions from the AMT/AMEs competing. Once all event judges are done and all questions are answered all competing team members will physically walk next door to the MSC area referred to as “The Hangar.”

While in the Hangar any AMT/AME scheduled to accomplish a particular event that their team has assigned them to compete in may view the actual event and if practical that event’s judge may offer an opportunity to accomplish a test question and/or view any references used for that event. This is done in order to provide every AMT/AME competing in the MSC to become comfortable with the events to be competed in.