Problems With handling RJs

May 8, 2003

There are four categories to consider with regard to RJ mini-hub impacts. These include:
• the aircraft interface including jetbridges and walkways;
• the aircraft taxi stripes, lead-in lines, parking areas and associated safety issues for ground service equipment;
• paving structures, fueling and existing utilities; and
• passenger handling.
Customized terminals can avoid many of the impacts that are described elsewhere. However, some of the impacts/issues are common to both customized RJ terminals and retrofit terminals. It is probably safe to say that each RJ operation is unique and has its own set of particular infrastructure issues, operational problems, and safety concerns. — J.E.C.

About the Author

Jonathan E. Currier, Jr. PE, is co-founder and principal of Argus Consulting, Inc., an engineering firm specialized in the programming, planning, design and construction follow-on of aircraft storage facilities, hydrant fueling systems, 400hz preconditioned air, deicing, and environmental services. He has 18 years experience in projects including programming, design, and construction. He is also co-founder and President of Argus Construction Services Company, performing construction management and airside construction services. He can be reached at (770) 673-0125 or [email protected].