New Year's Resolution

Feb. 1, 2003

February 2003

As we ring in this New Year, the thought of what may be in store for ground support in 2003 is certainly on all of our minds. It will surely be a year filled with some uncertainty, change, a lot of hard work, and patience. While the aviation industry continues to experience sluggish recovery, some ground support suppliers (and Ground Support Magazine advertisers) are managing to hold steady or are watching business increase in some cases.

As the newly named Publisher of Ground Support Magazine, I look forward to addressing the challenges we all face. At the magazine and GSE Expo, we have put some measures in place to help better serve your operations.

One of the changes was to bring on four new representatives to better cover the international scene. We now have a global presence offering the industry more direct customer service day to day. It is our hope for 2003 to get out and meet as many of you in the industry as possible - not just on the phone - but at your facilities to take a tour, see your products, and get to know what your issues are.

On the GSE Expo side, we've added a show, AS3 (Aviation Services and Suppliers Supershow), to run in concurrence with the annual GSE International Expo. In doing so, we've added a whole new audience to the event and look forward to seeing you all there this May in Las Vegas.

We have also conducted industry surveys to help build the basis of our editorial focus for 2003. We welcome your input on new ideas and plan to incorporate some of the topics you find most important to your operations and this industry.

It is no secret that the value of keeping your brand "top of mind" is more important now than ever before. Competition and budgets are tighter and you have to serve your customers even better than you did in the past - often, with fewer resources. We want to help you get your message out in the most effective way to the most targeted audience of potential customers.

Here's to a happy and prosperous 2003 and I hope to hear from you on how we can better serve you.