Information Technology

Feb. 8, 2004


In this special section, AIRPORT BUSINESS takes a look at information technology products and services available to airports and airport-based businesses. More details on these and other IT products can be found by visiting or contacting the supplier directly.
Inclusion in this special IT section is not intended as an endorsement by AIRPORT BUSINESS.

Product Categories:
  • Airport/FBO Management Software
  • Communications Equipment
  • Miscellaneous
  • Security
  • Training Software
  • Weather/Flight Planning
  • Wireless Applications
MaxSim, from Adacel Inc. provides the functionality and features to address many airport areas, including: traffic flow studies; airport siting studies; gate to gate management; development of new airspace and airport management techniques and procedures; disaster management planning; and, airport and aviation security studies;

Airport focused business solutions are designed and developed by AirIT. Integrated products and services are designed to reduce costs, optimize cash flow, and improve operational efficiencies. Key modules include: Airport Operations Data Base, Resource Management, Flight Information Display, Common Use Passenger Processing, and Property & Revenue Management;

SelfServ™ Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks are available from ARINC. Designed to allow passengers to check in at any kiosk regardless of the airline and allows an airport to control location, look, and feel of the kiosks throughout the airport;

Visual Staff Scheduler® PRO 6.0, an employee shift scheduling software system, is available from Atlas Business Solutions. Designed to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure shift coverage. Schedule a single department or multiple locations with many departments;

Aileron is an aeronautical fees and lease management billing solution available from Aviation InterTec Services. Features electronic collection of landing data, automated unknown aircraft registration searches, and email systems for proactive lease milestone notification;

Aileron Airport information technology, design, development, implementation, integration, and consulting services are available from The Bowman Group. Offers AMS, an airport enterprise resource planning system, which provides for tenant management, procurement, property plant and equipment, maintenance management, GIS, and image management systems;

A turnkey airport logistics management solution is available from Bradford Airport Logistics. Uses wireless networks and custom software/hardware. Designed to reduce costs while solving security and operational issues associated with the delivery of freight and parcels destined for the airport terminal; Quantum control, an ERP application designed specifically for the aviation aftermarket industry is available from Component Control. Integrates all aspects of operations with a complete suite of modules;

CORRIDOR is a software application, from Continuum Applied Technology, Inc., designed for any aviation service provider from FBOs to repair stations to distributors. Comprised of integrated modules: work order, inventory, line service, accounting integration, rotable management, compliance, and more. CORRIDOR's versions are designed to meet any specialty or business size, and are supported by Continuum's technical services;

FBO Manager is available from Cornerstone Logic. Software includes modules for fuel, flight school, maintenance, and accounting. Allows for automation of credit card processing and wirelessly running fuel trucks;

AEROWARE™, an Internet-based software application for airport property management with a billing option is developed by Creative Computer Systems, Inc. Capable of running more than 15 reports for property management. Pricing includes training, daily database backup, free technical support, and free upgrades. Internet demonstrations available;

EBis, a software program written by a Repair Station owner is available from Datcomedia. This paperless system uses computers on the shop floor as a tool. System modules include: W/O, R/O, P/O, inventory, expiring parts, tools, and more;

Geographic information system (GIS) software is available from ESRI;

Airport IQ™, from gcr & associates, inc., is a suite of applications designed to manage virtually all aspects of a regional, state, or local airport system or a single airport. Modules and services include: agreement and property management; flight information display systems; security and operations compliance; web based security badging; and, airspace analysis;

TotalFBO accounting and business management software, a Windows-based business management software for the general aviation industry, is available from Horizon Business Concepts, Inc. Program does not require other accounting software. Fully integrated, modular, and now shipping SQL Version;

A web-based suite of products is available from Inc. Includes FIDS, Aileron automated aeronautical billing, and Aileron lease modules;

Aerodex, designed for the worldwide business aircraft fleet is offered by JETNET LLC. More than 30,000 airframes detailed with information on aircraft owners, operators, fractional owners, lessees, specifications, transactions, etc. Ideal for FBOs, airports, and aircraft product/service providers. Available in PC-based format or web-based format with LIVE updates;

A free online account management program for merchants is available from Multi Service. Features include invoice and payment search, as well as worldwide directory update and supply ordering. Merchants can create and view customized daily, weekly, monthly, and year-to-date reports;

Hangar Planner software, from One Mile Up, is designed to take the guesswork out of stacking hangars and ramps. Users can set options and preferences before moving, and reduce the risk of hangar rash;

FBOperational software modules, from PRG Aviation Systems, are designed to allow users to manage operations and accounting from a single integrated package. The web-based, touchscreen interface and real-time environment provides information on which transactions are complete, pending, or what needs immediate attention;

AIRPORT CONNECT from SITA is an advanced IT platform for the airport community. Designed to reduce overall costs while providing flexibility and enhanced control for all users. This solution is fully managed by SITA and consists of network, hardware, software, and support;

AutoTURN Aircraft v. 4.2 is available from Transoft Solutions Inc. Designed for evaluation of aircraft and vehicle movement at airports. Hundreds of users worldwide, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New Tokyo Airport, and Hong Kong Airport. Use to assist in gate planning and design, monitor jet blast exhaust contours at terminal areas, adjust apron space, check aircraft clearances, analyze taxiway traffic, and plan airport terminal layouts;

The BASE System from Wellington-Royce Corporation is a fully integrated general aviation software system designed to manage a single site or multi-site operation. Supports line service, maintenance, accounting, inventory, charter quotes, and more. Wellington-Royce provides training, conversions, leasing terms, and customer support;

Ground Link, from Avtech Marketing, Inc., is designed to provide the pilot on the ground access to the NAS through the Ground Communications Outlet. Pilot activated, it automatically dials a pre-stored number to the correct ATC facility for direct voice communication between the pilot and ATC;

ICOM's complete line of aviation vehicle mount, portable, and base station transceivers are offered by Edmo Distributors, Inc. Also available are ICOM's land/mobile transceivers;

FIDS LED message displays are manufactured by Adaptive Micro Systems LLC. Can be found in more than 75 airports throughout North America. Applications include gate, baggage, ticket, and general passenger information. Compatible with most FIDS systems;

FIDS, BIDS, and other public display products are provided by Alpine Systems. Its autopark product is designed to manage and display garage capacity for drivers. The ASOP software provides FAR 139, security status and facility log, and record keeping;

Programmable electronic display systems designed to provide way-finding guidance, parking information, and flight, baggage, advertising, and general traveler information are designed and manufactured by Daktronics Inc. Also offers a complete range of light emitting diode display technologies for indoor and outdoor applications;

30" LCD displays are available from Global Display Solutions Inc. The new large screen display is designed to capture the attention of viewers in a clear and precise manner;

The MultiView Series from Magenta Research is designed to distribute high-resolution video, audio, and serial signals to an industry leading 1500-foot over CAT5-type cable, directly replacing fiber. Minimizes the number of communications closets, source computers, and cable volume, and readily adapts to any requirement set and footprint;

The 40" LCD 4000 is available from NEC-Mitsubishi. Designed to help airports and airport-based businesses make lasting impressions on the public eye. Suitable for placement in terminals, baggage claims, or general corridors;

Baggage reconciliation, flight information displays, and airport operational databases are supplied by Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Inc. The company also performs systems integration services with work underway at Kansas City and London Heathrow;


An aircraft refueling solution for unattended FBOs is available from InfoNet Technology Corp. PC-based solution designed to allow the operator to manage the entire operation from a PC connection anywhere;

Services designed to optimize the positive impact of computer-based resources on clients' operations and minimize clients' expenditures on those resources are provided by Robert D. Roe Associates (RDRA). Its services are structured to allow consultants to work from its headquarters with little or no travel. Consultants also work closely with client personnel to minimize consulting costs while achieving clients' goals; (315) 682-5900.

The Computerized Aviation Refer-ence Library is produced by Summit Aviation, Inc. A compilation of hundreds of FAA publications, coupled with the Folio search engine and its Query Wizard to index, organize, and make the information in this vast library accessible. In hard copy form, it fills a large bookcase and represents more than 35,000 pages-and it is all contained on a single CD;

Vehicle access control equipment is available from Delta Scientific Corporation. Its three product line consists of high security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment, and guard booths;

Access control solutions are provided by GE Interlogix Commercial Group. Applications range from sophisticated multimedia access control, alarm monitoring, asset tracking, photo badging, and video management to key control and entry tracking systems;

Closed circuit television and digital video storage equipment for security and safety applications are available from GE Interlogix Video Systems Group. Products are modular and designed for integration with other manufacturer's equipment;

The iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card is available from HID Corporation. Designed specifically for high security access control applications including biometric identity verification. iCLASS provides a platform for implementing additional applications such as IT security, cashless vending, and parking control. The iCLASS product line includes readers, reader/writers, and a line of credentials including multi-technology cards;

Stoichiometric explosive detection technology that remotely determines the chemical formula of concealed substances including explosives, biological weapons, and illegal drugs,is developed by HiEnergy Technologies, Inc. Stoichiometric means detection that deciphers the chemical formula of unknown substances through barriers in a short period of time. HiEnergy's systems may apply to several markets, including airport security screening, bio-weapons detection, landmine detection, and contraband detection, in addition to chemical and petrochemical industry applications. HiEnergy's technology has been developed through several years of research and under grants from the Department of Defense and the U.S. Customs agency;

Access Control, Intrusion detection, badging, and CCTV systems specifically designed for high risk, high security facilities are developed by HIRSCH Electronics Corporation. Systems comply with all current FAA regulations, and are installed in major airports such as O'Hare and LAX. Features such as multiple threat-level configurations allow full area control under both adversarial as well as accidental threats;

PROTRAC Security Elite, a computerized guard tour management system designed to eliminate paperwork and increases productivity, is available from TISCOR. Officers use handheld computers to document all security checkpoints visited. The date, time, and location of each checkpoint is recorded by scanning a bar code label or touching a metal tag. Incidents encountered are logged instantly;

A line of aviation supplies for pilots and maintenance technicians is available from ASA. Publisher of FAR/AIM and FAR/AMT regulations, textbooks, written and oral exam guides, pilot supplies, and home computer simulators;

Electronic products and services designed to streamline the delivery of flight critical information are available from Jeppesen. Includes: Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bag, Taxi Position Awareness, JeppView Electronic Airway Manual, and Jeppesen e-Link airline portal. Jeppesen also offers applications designed to bring efficiencies to flight operations and flight planning, including OPSControl, FliteStar, JetPlanner, and;

The Vaisala AWOS Runway Surface Condition Sensor DRS511 is designed to provide pilots with real-time information concerning the runway surface condition. Four runway surface conditions are reported to pilots: runway wet; frost on runway; snow on runway; and, ice on runway. This critical information assists pilots in making decisions regarding landing distance and braking action;

Network-based asset management solutions using technologies in wireless automatic identification and multi-media for improving productivity, physical security, and asset management, are available from AXCESS Inc. Products include hands-free, long-range RFID technology used to track and monitor people, assets, and vehicles, as well as patented streaming video technology for multi-media transmission and digital recording;

The Driver Authorization System for refueler trucks, from BASE Engineering Inc., is a wireless application designed to prevent unauthorized movement of bulk fuel and chemical trucks. Stalls when parking break is released without valid ID code;

A microprocessor based wireless deadman handle for air operated or electrically operated deadman valves is available from BASE Engineering Inc. Designed to eliminate replacement of damaged or broken cords and reels. Available with several handle configurations;

Voice and data neutral host wireless access systems are developed and operated by Concourse Communications Group;

SAFE (Secure Aviation Facility Environment) is available from Navigance Technologies Group. Designed to bring together leading edge wired and wireless technologies to deliver video surveillance, biometric access controls, and weather. Integrated into the system is Wi Fli, providing Internet hot spot access for passengers, crew, and tenants;

i-AIR (integrated-Airfield Inspection & Reporting), from Neubert Aero Corp., is a handheld data collection solution for performing paperless airfield inspections using the new Handspring Treo 600 mobile communication device. Perform airfield inspections using dropdown menus and reference airfield mapping, document the discrepancy and photograph, attach the photograph to the work order, and send for corrective maintenance action;

Wi-Fi access for travelers in major airports nationwide is provided by Wayport, Inc.;

HNTB consulting firm signs a new enterprise agreement with global provider Bentley Systems, Inc., allowing HNTB full access to all Bentley products and the ability to share technology files with departments of transportation. Bentley's software solutions are used to create, manage, and publish architectural, engineering, and construction content. Products include Microstation, Projectwise, InRoads, GEOPAK, Interplot, and Descartes;

Travelers through Kansas City International Airport will have access to high-speed wireless technology with PCS Wi-Fi Access from Sprint.
Sprint is managing the Wi-Fi service at KCI under contract to Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Inc.

The service is available to KCI travelers at an introductory price of $6.95 per connection, for 24 hours of unlimited access;

The Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Authority opens a new passenger terminal building designed for passenger convenience and operational efficiency. OMICAA engaged Johnson Controls, L.P. as the integration contractor to centralize operations and ensure that the airport has the latest technology to handle travelers' needs. Johnson Controls equipped the terminal with a Metasys® building management system to fully integrate the HVAC, lighting control, fire alarm, CCTV, access control, public address, FIDS, common use ticketing terminals, and more as part of its $14.5 million (Can.) contract; Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc., a developer of operationally compatible security inspection systems, receives a $2.38 million Cooperative Agreement from the Transportation Security Administration with a total potential value of $4.75 million. Issued under the TSA's Phoenix program, the grant will augment Reveal's ongoing development of an explosives detection system designed to be integrated into the airport check-in desk. According to TSA, the goal of this agreement is to invest in an integrated solution that revolutionizes the system design for screening checked luggage for explosives. The system design will reduce major construction costs associated with EDS installation and provide for implementation of a less intrusive, more customer-friendly process, while maintaining the highest level of security. Reveal's technology incorporates a proprietary computed tomography architecture (FACTTM). By combining the FACTTM technology with dual energy scanning, the company's EDS has the promise of delivering high detection capability and low false alarm rate;

T.F. Green Airport is chosen to test the latest in government-sponsored security technology designed to prevent incursions in and around airport grounds.
The $2.4 million in grants from the Transportation Security Administration will place the airport at the forefront of efforts to seal airports from terrorists or other threats.

Two systems are being tested at the regional airport. One is software that could alert authorities when the airport's 3- to 4-mile perimeter has been breached. The software is part of the ASDE-X (airport surface detection equipment) system and will be installed this spring;

Sprint and Concourse Communications Group, LLC sign a roaming agreement enabling PCS Wi-Fi Access customers to use Concourse's Wi-Fi networks at several major U.S. airports. Hot spots in passenger areas at LaGuardia and Minneapolis-St. Paul International airports are now available, with Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan, JFK, and Newark Liberty airports expected to follow in early 2004.

Customers will need a Wi-Fi Internet card or mobile device embedded with Wi-Fi technology in order to take advantage of the service. PCS Wi-Fi Access is initially priced at $6.95 per connection, for 24 hours of unlimited access per location;