Target: Airfield Operations

Aug. 8, 2004

Publisher's Comment

Target: Airfield Operations

By Paul Bowers

August 2004

Ever wonder if all the hype about listening is worth it?

I still remember putting my ear against a railroad track as a kid in order to hear a train coming way before there were any overt signs of it. Well lately I’ve been putting my ear to the runway and I’m hearing quite a bit.

What I’ve learned over the years is that listening trumps brains or original ideas in the business world. A good listener will be the one to look like a genius. And what I’m hearing today is that our industry has a gap when it comes to an exchange of information and ideas in the area of airfield operations. There appears to be no national source of information for the managers of operations and maintenance at airports to learn more about airfield operations.

After a fair amount of consultation and research we determined that there was a need and opportunity to fill this void. So with the help of FAA, a major airport, as well as a leadership advisory board of experts, AIRPORT BUSINESS will launch in April, 2005 a trade show and conference dedicated to the AOA (Airfield Operations Area).

What we have planned is an exhibition and conference to be held April 17-19 in Milwaukee. The event will take place at the Four Points Sheraton directly across the street from General Mitchell Field. In addition to AIRPORT BUSINESS, the Milwaukee Airport and FAA will act as hosts.

The conference, as well as indoor and outdoor exhibitors, will focus on pavement, signage, snow removal, lighting, perimeter fencing, runway incursions, safety, security, and any other area that is under the domain of airfield operations.

The target market for attendees to this event is the manager who needs to keep these areas functioning both safely and efficiently … the people who use, purchase, and recommend products.

In this era of information overload we are not going to risk wasting anyone’s time with a duplication of efforts elsewhere. Based on industry feedback, and our experience in serving this industry over the years, we trust that our AOA show and conference will be exactly what is needed for today’s airport operations team.

Check out the ads in our magazine or contact anyone on our staff for more information about signing up as an exhibitor, attendee, or conference speaker.

We look forward to hearing from (and seeing) you in the near future.

* * *

Finally, consider this: If you think that you have it tough in securing funds from TSA for security, just be glad that you’re not in the transit field. Transit carries 16 times as many passengers domestically on a daily basis as does aviation, yet just 2 percent of TSA’s $5.3 billion FY2005 budget is earmarked for anything outside of aviation.

Sort of puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?