Jan. 1, 2004

January 2004

If you look to the bottom of this page, you'll see our masthead. In it are the names of many of the people who are responsible for publishing this magazine. I have had the good fortune to work with these people for the past two years, some of them for the past five years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this team and am glad to have had the opportunity to serve as editor. Beginning with the February 2004 issue, Ground Support Magazine will have a new editor as I am returning to a career in freelance journalism and marketing. Special thank yous go out to my aviation industry friends, many of whom have forgotten more about aviation and aviation ground support than I will ever learn, for their guidance and support and that they never failed to answer the calls for help as I was learning about the aviation ground support industry. I hope you will continue to offer the same assistance to our new editor, Karen Reinhardt. Thanks for reading.

Michelle Garetson

Welcome Aboard! You have chosen a great magazine and will be working with a fantastic and fun group of people! Maybe the first statement was meant to be a pun, but the second statement, in a short period of time, has proven to be true. After a warm reception, I am more enthusiastic than ever to "hit the tarmac" running and meet all of you in the field. Recently, I read an article about a new editor who was hired for a magazine in Las Vegas. His boss introduced him the first day saying, "Hi everyone, I've shown 'Steve' his phone, his computer, and the coffee machine. By the way, he will be the lead editor on the biggest thing this magazine has ever done - the Vegas 100." After the meeting 'Steve' asked his boss, with sweat running down his forehead, "What is the Vegas 100?"
Thankfully, I have not been put on the spot like poor Steve. Being editor of Ground Support Magazine presents new opportunities as we search for ways to explore new products, services and endeavors in the day-to-day world of ground support. With Holly at the helm, Alicia by my side, and all of you, many of whom have already expressed the fact that "no question is too trivial," I am looking forward to continuing the magazine's quality and service, as well as new and exciting projects for the future. By the way, if you wing, the "Vegas 100" is the top 100 categories of "all things that are Vegas." Perhaps we will do an issue on the "GS 100" someday. I look forward to serving you.

Karen Reinhardt