An Editor's Lament

May 1, 2004

In the March issue of this magazine I made what I thought was a complimentary and generous offer to George Prill, former editor of GSE Today, to provide material for future issues. While I do remember that the signature cartoon for his column used to be "The Screamer" and that no subject was off limits, I must admit that I was taken aback by his response. It follows:

May 2004

Dear Readers:

GSE's Own Lady Editor Rides Naked to Prove Our Purity!!!

That's the headline I, George Prill, wish to see. The new Editor of this magazine, Ms Karen Reinhardt, has taken over the Editor?s job at this magazine and has announced herself to be a member of our GSE community. I admit that I had been thinking that she was doing a darn fine job until she went too far and really overstepped.

In her Column in the March issue she had the nerve to accuse me of having "provocative allocutions". That did it! I will admit to an occasional "provocative hallucination" and I once had a "provocative perturbation" but I ain't never had no "allocution". So, if Ms. Reinhardt wants to redeem herself with me and prove herself a true leader of this community, I ask her to seize upon the opportunity that I, hereby, offer.

Emulate the famous Lady Godiva! Save the GSE community! Become our own admired and revered Lady Karen, Countess of Cygnus.

As readers will all remember, Godiva was the virtuous wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia in Anglo-Saxon, England. In 1057 to prove to her husband that the citizens of Coventry were virtuous and deserved to have their taxes reduced, she rode a white horse naked (she was naked, not the horse) through the streets. Every one of those fine folk, except a scoundrel forever known as Peeping Tom, averted their eyes. Leofric was so impressed that he eliminated their taxes. Godiva was beloved by one and all.

My belief that if Ms Reinhardt (photo on page 3) would ride, through the GSE EXPO on a white bag tractor and every one averted their eyes, our badly hurting GSE community would experience a burst of good fortune. Business would flourish, hope would abound.

I am so sure that this would work that I offer myself to ride ahead of her on my Scooter acting as Town Crier. I will proclaim, "Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Men and Women of Ground Support Land, Averteth your Eyes, the Lady Karen, the Countess of Cygnus, Ridest Amongst Us to Bringest Good Fortune Upon Our Land". To abide by my warning, everyone would keep eyes and attention fixed on the Exhibitor's newest piece of GSE. Sales would be made!

If you, the reader, believes that I am right to pursue this worthy cause, please send our prospective Lady Karen an e-mail just saying. "YES" at [email protected] with a copy to me at [email protected]. Your efforts to save the GSE community will be appreciated. Also, does anyone have a white bag tractor?


George Prill

I am certain that you, the serious members of the GSE community that I have been honored to join, and whose wisdom and judgment I have learned to value so highly, will agree with me that George Prill's suggestion is impossible. There is no way that the Las Vegas Convention Center would permit us to drive a bag tractor through the aisles of the GSE EXPO!

Seriously, while I want to put it on record that I would go to any, or perhaps, I should say, almost any length to help the GSE Exhibitors, (who are also our advertisers), make sales, I think Prill has finally gone over the edge. He offers me the opportunity to become known as Lady Karen, the Countess of Cygnus. That does have a nice ring to it. But let's face it; we publish this magazine in Wisconsin, the home of the Packers. We live and die "Cheese Heads".

However, to show that we do not completely reject Prill's ideas, we invite all Attendees at the EXPO to visit the Cygnus Booth and receive a Godiva Chocolate, or reasonable facsimile thereof, and the latest issue of the magazine presented personally by me, the almost Countess of Cygnus, or members of my Royal Court, otherwise known as the Publishers and Editors of Ground Support, Airport Business and Aircraft Maintenance Technology.