Making a Comeback

May 1, 2004

May 2004

By the time you receive this issue, it will be two weeks and counting until Aviation Industry Week in Las Vegas. I have been looking forward to the show since I came on board! Though I have been out in the field meeting some of you and learning more each day about the venerable industry of ground support, the opportunity to be on the show floor, meeting each of you in person, is to me, the name of the game.
Enjoying the view from a Gate Gourmet catering truck in repair at AP Enterprises in Oakland, CA.

2004 has, for the aviation industry, been a year of resurgence, bringing with it renewed hope. An impressive increase in traffic activity and significant growth in enplanements give some indication of this, but more important, during our meetings, many of you have been telling me that you are seeing more GSE being purchased and refurbished, hiring back good mechanics you had to lay off, and putting together new business plans and cost effective strategies for the future. With this in mind, the timing couldn't be more perfect for Aviation Industry Week, May 18-20, as the launching point for this "reawakening." In fact, another indicator of growth is the Show itself. At this time last year, GSE was sitting at 162 exhibits compared to 201 this year and AS3 238 compared to 251 this year. Net square feet of floor space for GSE was 38,200 compared to 49,900 this year and AS3 was 43,300 compared to 52,300 this year. Perhaps these are minor changes in the grand scheme of things but it definitely says that we are feeling better about the economy and ultimately, about the future.

Speaking of "comebacks", as promised, George Prill submitted a "column" for this issue. Many of you know him as the former editor of this magazine when it was GSE Today, but for those who don't know George, you might get a better idea of who he is after reading pg.6!

Thanks for reading.