2005 Recurrent Training Exam

Feb. 1, 2005
(Based on 2004 issues)

The 2005 Recurrent Training Exam is good for four hours of credit toward IA renewal and six hours credit for the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program or Transport Canada’s recurrent training requirements.

  • Select only one answer per question on the answer sheet.

  • You must pass with 85 percent or better for credit!

  • Four hours credit is only accepted for the year in which exam is published.
    (Note: For Canadian approval, the associated organization (AMO) must be TC approved for this recognition by amending its MCM.)

  • To order back issues at $10 a copy, call (920) 568-8302.
  • To take the 2005 Recurrent Training Exam, click the following link to download the PDF version (1 MB).
    2005 Recurrent Training Exam