Paint and Supplies

Oct. 13, 2005

Paint Finish

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace’s JetFlex is the perfect finish for plastic, metal, and composite interior surfaces. Both tough and beautiful, the wide palette of colors is suitable for application in whatever you fly from commercial airliners and business jets to helicopters or single-engine airplanes. It is available in two technologies: solvent based and water reducible (WR). JetFlex is qualified to the Boeing material specification BMS10-83D, Type II, and III. Custom colors are available in both low gloss and flat versions. Designed to meet the FAR/JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke, and heat release. For more information visit or call (888) 888-5593.

Paint Remover

Eldorado Solutions’ PR-5044 is an environmentally compliant paint and coating remover. It is approved by leading OEMs, military, and airlines. As it is fast-acting, it requires less man-hours, and as it is user-friendly, it means fewer workers’ compensation claims. For more information call (800) 531-1088 or visit

Nozzle Extension

Binks provides Model 54-5600 spray gun nozzle extension that allows a fan spray to be applied to surfaces in hidden or tight locations. Three types of fan sprays are available, along with 360-degree rotation, three tip styles, tight location applicator, and HVLP nozzle. For more information visit or call (630) 237-5106.

Silicone Adhesive

CS Hyde offers a high temperature silicone adhesive which provides heat resistance. It can be used for metal or ceramic plasma spraying and grit blasting. It offers protection from overspraying or splashing. Features include abrasion resistance, easy removal, leaves no residue, high adhesion, and cost and time savings. For more information visit or call (800) 461-4161.

Paint Strippers

Solvent Kleene offers aircraft paint strippers that are Boeing spec’d and U.S. Air Force approved. Aircraft exterior cleaners and degreasers are also available. Both lines are nonhazardous. Features include easy spray for vertical and clinging characteristics. For more information visit or email [email protected].

Stripping Process

As a leading supplier of sponge media abrasives to the aerospace and aviation industry, Sponge-Jet Inc.’s innovative stripping process offers clean, dry, low dust, reusable surface preparation products. Selectively strip coatings from aluminum or composite skins and airframes without damage to the substrate. Safely clean, strip, or profile in small, confined spaces. Use as a dry, non-hazardous alternative to chemicals and conduct spot maintenance without extensive setup or cleanup. For more information call (800) 776-6435 or visit

Paint Protection System

The paint preparation system from 3M is a unique, closed paint system that eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters. It reduces solvent usage up to 70 percent. It offers a one-cup mixing and spraying system. Benefits include cleaner jobs, improved operator efficiency, and reduced aircraft downtime. For more information visit or call (800) 364-3577.

Abrasive Cleaning

ARMEX Blast Media, a baking soda based abrasive by the makers of ARM & Hammer products, can clean, degrease, and depaint critical components in one step. It is water soluble and doesn’t damage substrate. ARMEX is nonhazardous and no precleaning is required. For more information visit or call (609) 497-7220.

Polyester Urethane

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace’s Jet Glo Express gets your aircraft out of the paint booth quickly and easily while giving you a high-gloss, beautiful appearance. As a high-performance, polyester urethane, it is designed for exterior use on general aviation and commercial aircraft. It features fast dry times which improves shop processing flow, good buffing characteristics, and has the same proven performance as Jet Glo, but in a high solids system. Jet Glo Express is chemical resistant to Skydrol and other hydraulic fluids and exhibits outstanding gloss, DOI, and gloss retention upon weathering. It is designed to meet performance requirements of MIL-PRF-85285, AMS 3095A, BMS 10-72, and BAMS 565-009. For more information visit or call (888) 888-5593.