Inspection/Test Equipment

Oct. 13, 2005

Induction Heater

Ludeca’s EDDYTHERM microprocessor controlled induction heater for bearings allows precise setting of time or temperature to prevent premature bearing failures due to overheating. The temperature probe continuously measures and displays actual temperature. A “standby” feature permits holding temperature at preset level for an indefinite time. The unit automatically demagnetizes bearings after heating. A light and buzzer signal termination of heating/demagnetizing cycle. Three models available. Shrink-fitting bearings, sleeves, sprockets, couplings, impellers, crane wheels and gears, etc., of up to 880 pounds is made easy, clean and quick. For more information call (305) 591-8935 or visit

Remote Visual Inspection System

Karl Storz’ TechnoPack X is a complete remote visual inspection system that offers laser measuring. The portable system features a SVGA big-screen monitor, keyboard/mouse, and TechnoPack II CCU/light source. Laser measurement with full-screen resolution is always ready; no switching scopes/tips or time wasted relocating cracks. Clearview Technology™ maximizes image resolution. The CCD camera captures images from Karl Storz and other manufacturers’ fiberscopes and borescopes. It has a two-year warranty. For more information: (800) 329-9618 or

Kitting Programs

Global Filtration offers customized kitting programs to reduce man-hours and increase efficiency in repair and overhaul component shops. They can be customized to include any parts for all inspections, including fluid analysis. The kits save time in the part retrieval process, reduce paperwork and purchase order processes, and keep parts in one easy-to-find location. For more information visit

Engine Testing

James A. Staley offers a test stand that carries out maintenance and test procedures on fuel control units for the PT-6 Series engines. It is constructed of steel and designed so that controls are arranged for easy readability. Precision drive systems with fuel, air, and vacuum systems simulate actual aircraft systems. Instrumentation gauges measure fuel pressures, fuel flows, temperatures, and air pressures. The stand performs safely with Type II calibrating fluid Mil-C-7024C. Electrical components are either in explosion-proof boxes or air-purged boxes. For more information visit

Leak Detector

The H2000 hydrogen leak detector from Sensistor Technologies uses a safe hydrogen mixture to detect and locate leaks. It can detect leaks as small as 0.5 ppm. It uses an inexpensive mixture of 5 percent hydrogen with 95 percent nitrogen instead of helium. The universal power supply accepts either 110v or 220v AC just by changing the power cord. As it is portable and easy to use it requires no training and can be used in confined spaces. For more information visit or call (978) 439-9200.

Fan Blade NDT

Approved NDT on Pratt & Whitney PW2000 fan blades to the “non-hooked” configuration per P&W instruction IEN 04FC066.

  • Reduced wear on the fan hub lug blade contact surface
  • More commonality for fan blade interchange
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced operating costs

For more information visit or call (816) 556-4651.

VideoFlex Videoscope

The Lenox VideoFlex videoscope is an easy-to-use, high-resolution remote imaging system that features four-way tip articulation and an integrated control/display hand piece with a 6.4-inch LCD display. It comes with a 12v DC power supply, a rugged case, and a variety of light sources. For more information call (800) 356-1104 or visit

FreedomView Fiberscope

The FreedomView fiberscope from Optim offers the user a portable unit with a LED light source built directly into the handle for quick inspections. It features ergonomic design, two lithium ion batteries, battery charger, and carrying case. The battery is rated for 500 cycles. For more information call (800) 225-7486 or visit

PT-6 Fuel Nozzle Portable Spray Chamber

The Pratt & Whitney Tool Support Services offers the updated PWC90086 PT-6 Simplex fuel nozzle spray chamber. It is stored in a self-contained, heavy-duty portable case. Standard shop air service is all that is required for nozzle spray cone inspection. Fuel nozzles are loaded and positioned quickly into a specially designed fixture. The spray cone is illuminated from below for better visual inspection. Operating instructions are built directly into the unit for easy, first-time operation. For more information contact John Lemire at (860) 610-2664.

Palm Nav Ramp Test Set

The Palm Nav is a hand-held NAV-COM ramp test set incorporating all required features for testing avionics in the cockpit or on the bench. It features dual RF generator, built-in speaker, alphanumeric display, and NIMH batteries with battery status indicator. For more information visit

Universal Video Borescope

Everest VIT offers a multipurpose, small diameter, foreign object debris (FOD) retrieval system for military aircraft engines. The 6.2 mm diameter VideoProbe with a working channel combines FOD retrieval capabilities, optical tip adaptors, StereoProbe measurement, still image, and video capture capabilities in one scope. It can access hard-to-reach areas without disassembly. For more information call (888) 332-3848 or visit

Magnetic Optic Imager

The MOI from Quest Integrated detects fuselage corrosion and cracks in real time and produces easily interpreted visual images. The portable, hand-held unit requires minimal operator training. It offers reduced downtime and time savings in inspection. For more information call (800) 233-3345 or visit

Eyepieceless Stereo Microscopes

Vision Engineering offers ergonomic eyepieceless stereo microscopes (Mantis, Lynx, Alpha, and Beta) and non-contact measurement systems (Kestrel and Hawk) combining quality control accuracy and repeatability.

  • Optical quality and measurement accuracy of superior two- or three-axis non-contact measuring systems
  • Provide high contrast, high resolution image
  • Data download and printing capabilities as well as digital, video, camera options via high resolution, full field adaptor

For more information visit

Fuel Test Kit

The Bugs Buster fuel test kit from Global Filtration was developed to let maintenance technicians, line service personnel, or pilots check fuel quality during routine maintenance onsite. It is effective on all grades of fuel, is fast and accurate, and portable. For more information visit or call (800) 980-2525.

Inspection Systems

Johnson Thread-View Systems develops and markets fully automated, noncontact vision inspection systems for screw threads. Model 3620 measures 12 separate ASME parameters on an external thread, to .000001-inch resolution in less than three minutes. Measurements include pitch diameter (front and back), major diameter (front and back), lead (front, back, and length of engagement), minor diameter, and the leading, trailing, and included angle. For more information visit

Diagnostic Instruments

ACES Systems’ diagnostic instruments are used to perform propeller/rotor/fan trim balancing, engine vibration analysis, vane angle position adjustment, and acoustic and jet engine performance monitoring. Step-by-step instruction and graphical displays guide the user; little or no training is required. One instrument can perform multiple functions; balancing to vibration analysis. There is a full five-year warranty on analyzers. ACES Systems’ analyzers are used and recommended by Pratt & Whitney, Canada; GE; Rolls-Royce, and Allied Signal engines among many others. For more information visit or call (865) 671-2003.

Switching Cable/Harness Tester

DIT-MCO’s Model 2650.MTA distributed switching cable/harness tester performs continuity, insulation resistance, dielectric breakdown as well as resistor, relay, diode, capacitor, switch, and circuit breaking testing. Distributed switching allows you to keep the switching near the problem eliminating long and expensive adapter cables. Modules are reconfigurable when products and/or testing needs to be changed. You can access any point that requires power with optional external energization built into each switching module. For more information call (800) 821-3487 or visit

NDT Software

The Rhythm suite of user-friendly proprietary software from GE Inspection Technologies offers advanced image review tools and total data management for all techniques of X-ray inspection modalities, including computed radiography, digital radiography and film digitization. Its advanced data sharing capabilities allow significant improvements in productivity and enable faster identification of quality problems, and can lead to reduced production defects or better in-service asset management. Scalable architecture allows the solution to grow with your needs. DICOM/DICONDE compliance ensures your data will not become obsolete. For more information call (866) 243-2638 or visit

X-Ray Systems

XMB X-ray Systems from YXLON are designed for mobile use and suited to many inspection tasks including low density composite materials and aluminum and steel products.

  • Light weight
  • All components on one cart
  • Cart has two tilt positions and an eye hook
  • High reliability
  • Easy to use

For more information visit or call (330) 798-4800.


Machida’s battery-operated borescope, Model FBA-4B-100P, features an improved battery pack that can provide as much light as a regular light source. The unit is ideal for portable, quick inspections. It is easy to use and features high quality resolution. For more information visit

Eddy Current Inspection

Praxair offers approved NDT on Pratt & Whitney JT8D fan hub assembly per AD 2002-17-02 and AD 2002-13-09 for newly enhanced inspection procedures. The process includes automated eddy current inspection of blade slots, tierods, and counterweight holes. Source approved shot peen repair. For more information visit or call (816) 556-4651.

Optical Instrument

H&L Instruments’ 900B Edge Profile Comparator is a high-resolution video optical instrument for in-progress and inspection of turbine engine fan and compressor blades. It is compact and portable, and can be used at the wing or on the bench. The hand-held stainless-steel optical module provides a 20X or 40X sharply defined contour image. The swivel monitor allows for multiple users, making it cost-effective. For more information visit or call (603) 964-1818.

Precision Borescopes

Hawkeye precision borescopes from Gradient Lens have all the quality of German-made instruments at a lower cost. The reason is the patented endoGRINS gradient-index optics. The borescopes feature high quality optics, superior material and construction, and in-stock overnight delivery. For more information visit or call (800) 536-0790.

Inspection Scopes

Instrument Technology Inc. (ITI) offers more than 2,500 standard borescopes, fiberscopes, videoscopes, and custom scopes for any airframe or powerplant inspection. They deliver sharp, clear images that were never before available. A 6 mm video probe allows for quick, easy inspection into inaccessible areas. The cost-effective instruments feature robust construction, ease of operation, require little training, and can be used with any ITI product. For more information call (413) 562-3606 or visit

Test System

PinPoint is a PC-based test system from DiagnoSYS designed to diagnose circuit card faults down to the component level. It can also generate schematics for undocumented boards. PinPoint features comprehensive test coverage, rapid generation of test programs, intuitive graphical interface for ease of use, and reduces costs and time of repair with excellent ROI. For more information call (800) 788-6219 or visit

Ultrasonic Inspection System

The new LogiQ9i, phased array, ultrasonic inspection system from GE Inspection Technologies fully complies with GEAE specifications for the inspection of aircraft engine forgings and can cut inspection times by at least half. Phased array technology is increasingly being applied as an ultrasonic inspection technique, as one or two phased array probes can provide a level of volumetric inspection which previously required a multiplexed multiple probe arrangement. Data is displayed in easy-to-interpret B-scan format on the instrument, while an associated imaging package allows A-, B-, and C-scan display. All data is saved in DICONDE format. For more information visit or call (866) 243-2638.


Borescopes-R-Us fabricates and repairs all borescope makes and models. It will rebuild to OEM specifications and standards. It also offers flexible and rigid videoscopes and fiberoptic borescopes in all sizes and models. For more information visit