Oct. 13, 2005

Searchable Database

GlobalSpec is a specialized, parametrically searchable database of parts, components, and services which delivers engineering and product specifications. More than 14,000 digitized manufacturer catalogs can be accessed. For more information visit www.globalspec.com or call (518) 880-0200, Ext. 340.

Employment Services

Turner Group Services Inc., an aviation employment agency, offers personalized placement service. It saves companies valuable time and money by providing clients who meet your specific needs. Turner has served more than 17 years of successful placement in the aviation industry. For more information visit www.turnergroupsrvs.com.

Potable Water System

The NPS-A6 from International Water-Guard eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from aircraft potable water using safe, proven ultraviolet light. An integral filter removes suspended matter. It measures 12.2 inches x 10.4 inches x 4.4 inches, and weighs 10.5 pounds. The lightweight unit improves water quality and is flight-certified. For more information call (604) 255-5555 or visit www.waterknowledge.com.


SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts offers custom-engineered surface enhancement solutions for improved wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, etc. Services include selective plating, anodizing, and other surface enhancement products.

• In-line lean manufacturing
• On-site outsourcing
• Automated operation
• Speed and flexibility

For more information visit www.sifcoasc.com or call (216) 524-0099.

Employment Service

More than 7,000 employers trust Avjobs to fill vacant positions. As an industry specific site, companies can target, locate, and hire qualified applicants. All sectors of commercial, corporate, and general aviation are included. For more information visit www.avjobs.com.


Global Aerospace, a leading aviation insurance group, has been serving the aviation industry since 1924. There are six regional offices in the United States . Global Aerospace underwrites all forms of aviation insurance. For more information call (973) 379-0833 or visit www.global-aero.com.

Instruments & Accessories

AVGROUP is a stocking distributor of accessories, instruments, and avionics for turbine-powered, corporate-class aircraft. It has a repair station (FAA/EASA) to service units from all major avionics lines. AVGROUP offers 24/7 AOG service. For more information call (800) 458-6177 or visit www.jetparts.com.

Engines and Parts

Air Power offers all Continental, Superior , and Lycoming factory engines and parts at one low price. Engines are available at $300 over cost, cylinders are available at $69 over cost, and parts are available at 10 percent over cost. Products are in stock for quick delivery and one-stop shopping. For more information call (800) 247-7693 or visit www.factoryengines.com.

Parts Distributor

Miraj Corp. is a specialized distributor of aircraft replacement parts and components and a Part 21 FAA PMA manufacturer. Long known as the industry leader in carbon brushes, Miraj has expanded its market and product offerings to include PMA bearings and other products for a variety of aircraft motor applications.

• Thales/Auxilec AC and DC generators
• Test Fuchs fuel boost pumps and parts
• Electromech Technologies DC fans and motors
• Large exchange pool of Lucas, APC, and Auxilec rotables

For more information visit www.mirajcorp.com.

Circuit Breakers

Peerless Electronics stocks Texas Instruments Klixon circuit breakers indepth. Boeing, Airbus, mil spec breakers are in stock. The circuit breakers are temperature or nontemperature compensated, miniature size/weight, and feature trip-free design. Peerless is certified to FAA AC 0056. For more information visit www.peerlesselectronics.com or call (516) 594-3500.

Starter Generator Rotables

StarterGenerator.com is an independent global stocking distributor of aircraft starter generator rotables and expendable replacement parts. It serves corporate/business aviation, general aviation, commuter/regional airline, and helicopter markets. It is an authorized distributor for Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC). For more information call (281) 298-9779 or visit www.startergenerator.com