Airframe Parts and Accessories - Part 2

Oct. 13, 2005

Lighting Solutions
EMTEQ develops and manufactures electrical and mechanical solutions and LED lighting products for avionics equipment OEMs, system integrators, airframe OEMs, repair and modification centers, owners, operators, commercial general aviation, and military subcontractors. EMTEQ offers cabin interiors, electrical systems, navigation/safety systems, LRU box design, mechanical structures, and aircraft integration. For more information visit or call (262) 679-6108.

Flight Eagle Tire
Goodyear’s Flight Eagle is considered the first choice for original equipment by business jet manufacturers worldwide. Flight Eagle delivers dependability, durability, and long wear. The tire is designed for maximum number of landings and has special wear-resistant tread compounds for low cost per landing. It features special inner liners for improved air retention. Enhanced bead compounds and construction provide excellent serviceability and resistance to wheel heat damage. Sidewalls include antioxidants for resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and ozone. For more information visit or call (330) 796-4935.

Kelly Aerospace is an authorized Parker Stratoflex distributor and TSO approved hose shop.

  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Bulk hose and fittings
  • Discounts to FBOs and engine shops
  • Cross reference for OEM part numbers
  • Complete kits available
  • 24-hour turn times
  • Piston and turbine aircraft
  • For more information visit

    Static Discharger
    The static discharger, 10-900-21A, from McKechnie Aerospace Aftermarket Group is an approved replacement part for HR Smith, Dayton Granger, Chelton, and other static discharger products. It features improved engineering with compatibility on any aircraft, all composite construction, reduced weight, lightning strike resistance, and proven composite airframe compatibility. For more information visit

    Aircraft Interiors
    This design, exclusive to Duncan Aviation, replaces the Falcon 50 interior shell. The maintenance-friendly design modernizes the cabin and increases headroom by 2 inches. The design features contemporary design aesthetics, LED cabin lighting, durable design and scomponents, and Duncan design detailing. For more information visit

    Windshields and Windows
    LP Aero Plastics manufactures aircraft windshields, windows, and lenses. It has more than 1,600 FAA-PMA and STC approvals with applications for J-3 through King Air; pressurized and nonpressurized. LP Aero offers fast delivery from its inventory, rapid manufacturing, and worldwide distribution For more information call (800) 957-2376 or visit

    Oxygen Systems
    AVOX Systems, a leading manufacturer of fixed and portable aircraft oxygen systems, offers regulators, cylinder and valve assemblies, crew and passenger masks, and passenger mask dispensing units. It is an FAA approved repair and overhaul facility. Services include complete system engineering, global network of service and repair facilities, and online/onsite support, technical documentation, and training. For more information visit

    Aircraft Tires and Tubes
    Michelin Aircraft Tire, manufacturer of aircraft tires and tubes, strives to be a leader in tech- nological advancements and quality innovations. Features include advanced tread compounds, creased landings per tread, improved cut resistance, measurable fuel savings,and superior ozone resistance. For more information visit or call (877) 503-8071.

    Cabin Interior Product Support
    B/E Aerospace manufactures cabin interior products for commercial aircraft and business jets, and distributes aftermarket aerospace fasteners. It offers cabin interior design and reconfiguration services. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, it has established a web site link to supplement existing lines of communication providing an alternative means to respond to inquiries within one business day. For more information visit

    Fuel Cells
    Eagle Fuel Cells offers factory overhauls and exchange fuel cells, along with new OEM, PMA, and custom-built fuel cells, and stainless-steel fuel drain valve kits. Eagle Fuel Cells provides a seven-year warranty on OEM cells, five years on PMA cells, and five years on overhauls. Technical support also available. For more information visit or call (800) 437-8732.

    Brakes/Wheels Services
    Kelly Aerospace offers overhaul services and complete NDT inspection for a wide variety of aircraft wheels and brakes. Many brakes are available for exchange. For more information visit

    Electric Brakes
    During the past decade, Goodrich has been designing, building, and testing more than five generations of electric brakes. Its success has been demonstrated by being selected on the Boeing 787. The brakes feature high system and dispatch reliability as well as ease of maintenance. Maintenance and assembly time are reduced through the use of electrical cable harnesses. Brake wear is monitored and reported automatically through system interface during routine health monitoring and fault diagnostics. Weight savings are realized by eliminating hydraulic valves, piping and support components. System safety and stopping performance meet or exceed equivalent requirements of traditional hydraulic braking systems. For more information visit or call (937) 440-2313.

    Avionics Battery
    Concorde Battery’s RG-125 avionics batteries protect and extend the life of other avionics. The battery is self-regulating on charge and takes only the current required to maintain it at a full charge. A valve regulated lead acid certified replacement battery, it floats directly on the DC buss with no need for a dedicated charger. It provides high inrush current which extends battery life with fast recovery time from discharge. With the battery floating directly on the bus, transient spikes in the DC power are absorbed. It’s maintenance free, factory tested to assure airworthiness, and shipped fully charged and ready to install. For more information call (626) 813-1234 or visit

    Brake Control Systems
    From singular anti-skid systems to fully automatic braking controls, Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ systems are available with hydraulic input or brake-by-wire for individual wheel to multiple-wheel operations. Brake systems feature complete braking control from aircraft touchdown to low speed dropout. Autobrake provides the pilot deceleration levels. Locked wheel protection prevents safety-critical situations from occurring as well as blown tires. Touchdown protection prevents blown tires during landing. For more information call (425) 743-8392 or visit

    Goodyear’s Flight Custom III is designed for landing in inclement weather. Its deeper treads deliver more landings. Extra wide Aquachannels provide superior wet traction. The Kevlar belt package gives excellent treadwear and penetration resistance. Dual polymer tread compound offers improved traction and treadwear. The Wingstay formulation resists sunlight and ozone sidewall damage. For more information visit or call (330) 796-4935.

    Landing Gear and Accessories
    Kelly Aerospace offers:

  • Landing gear assemblies: overhauled in a timely fashion or exchanged from its extensive inventory
  • Landing gear actuators: complete line of the Beechcraft King Air mechanical landing gear actuators in stock and ready for immediate shipment
  • Landing gear gearboxes and motors: complete line ready for immediate delivery
  • Hydraulic power packs: overhaul capabilities for the “hard-to-find” Prestolite Hydraulic Power Pack units
  • Main and nose gear drag braces: overhauled units ready for immediate delivery
  • For more information visit

    Wheels and Brakes
    Parker Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Div. offers Cleveland wheels and brakes that are used on more than 80 percent of general aviation aircraft. The system is designed to provide better braking performance at lower cost per landing. The products are FAA TSO/OEM approved and are available through a worldwide distribution network. For more information call (800) 272-5464 or visit

    CRS Jet Spares is an authorized distributor for Securaplane battery sales. Aircraft applications include Learjet, Hawker, Citation, Gulfstream, Challenger, Dassault/Falcon, and King Air. The no maintenance, pure lead battery features full replacement 30-month warranty, replaceable battery blocks, 18 months on aircraft before first check, and is nonhazardous and ships fully charged. For more information visit or email [email protected].

    Battery Charger
    The Crane Aerospace BlueSky battery charger provides the performance and reliability proven in a small lightweight package. It is one-fourth the size, one-third the weight, and one-half the cost of existing chargers. It features drop-in replacement for existing chargers, is fully programmable, and can be configured for use with any type of NiCad or valve regulated lead acid battery. Visible and easy-to-use system level troubleshooting mechanism is designed to significantly reduce system NFF removals. For more information visit www.craneaerospace.c or call (425) 743-8392.

    Avionics Battery
    Concorde Battery’s RG-126 avionics battery protects and extends the life of other avionics. The battery is self-regulating on charge and takes only the current required to maintain it at a full charge. A valve regulated lead acid certified replacement battery, it floats directly on the DC buss with no need for a dedicated charger. It provides high inrush current which extends battery life with fast recovery time from discharge. With the battery floating directly on the bus, transient spikes in the DC power are absorbed. It’s maintenance free, factory tested to assure airworthiness, and shipped fully charged and ready to install. For more information call (626) 813-1234 or visit

    PMA Fire Extinguisher Cartridges
    Global Filtration offers FAA PMA fire extinguisher cartridges. The cartridges provide the energy that operates fire extinguishers on commercial and military aircraft. The parts are accurate, dependable, and less expensive than OEM products. For more information visit

    Battery Service
    Kelly Aerospace’s battery shop provides a variety of services for:

  • Ni-Cad
  • Lead acid
  • Emergency power supply
  • For more information visit

    Pneumatic De-icer Repair
    BootsEdge is a pneumatic de-icer repair, replacement, sales, and product specialist. It offers FAA approved de-icer repair and replacement services (De-icer Repair Without Patches) at its facility or yours. BootsEdge also features FAA-approved de-icer wax, wax remover, and multipurpose cleanser. There are discounts on drop-ship orders. For more information visit

    Helicopter Batteries
    The RG-600 Series battery from Concorde is a valve regulated lead acid certified nickel cadmium battery replacement for helicopters. It will outperform a well-serviced ni cad at low temperatures, provide safe and reliable operation at high temperatures, and is capable of multiple engine starts with short flight durations. It features superior starting power, reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure, low impedance design, and AGM construction. The connector is available on either side of the RG-600 container, nonspillable at any altitude or attitude, maintenance free, and shipped fully charged and ready to install. For more information call (626) 813-1234 or visit

    Auxiliary Power Units
    CRS Jet Spares is a component distributor for Standard Aero offering GTCP36-100 and GTCP36-150 series APU support for Challenger, Gulfstream, and Falcon aircraft. CRS offers 24/7 customer response team; exchange, rental, and repair options; and a warranty program. For more information visit or email [email protected].

    De-Icing Systems
    B/E Aerospace’s Ice Shield de-icing systems have become the first choice of many aircraft operators and maintenance centers. B/E Aerospace offers a complete line of pneumatic and propeller de-icers, wire harnesses, and accessories for general aviation aircraft. All pneumatic de-icers feature Edge Guard sealing system, which results in proven service life extension.

  • Original Ice Shield pneumatic de-icers interchangeable with existing de-icers
  • Ice Shield 2 with sewn-carcass technology for older aircraft while fitting the exact footprint of the older Type 23, tube-type boot
  • Diverse line of propeller boots for a variety of piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft in both a wire-wound pattern and etched foil design
  • 48-hour guaranteed delivery in the continental United States at no cost to the customer
  • FAA STC/PMA approved
  • For more information call (800) 767-6899 or visit

    Light Aircraft Replacement Tire
    Goodyear’s Flight Special II, a replacement tire for light aircraft, combines value and performance with long tread life. It features wide rib tread design for improved traction, durable tread compound for uniform wear and extended service life, and full tread depth for excellent treadwear and cut resistance. The tire is constructed of triple-tempered nylon cord for uniformity and strength. For more information call (330) 796-4935 or visit

    Interior Lighting Power Supply
    The CRJ and ERJ ballast, PN BR9000-22, is an interior lighting power supply for side wall wash lights. Developed by Bruce Ind. with more than 35 years in engineering experience and offered through McKechnie Aerospace Aftermarket Group. Features include arc detection circuitry, improved lamp life, improved efficiency, and weight reduction. Both PMA and OEM availability. For more information visit