Computer Software/Hardware

Oct. 13, 2005

Quick AD
Quick AD from QAV Aviation Systems provides quick and easy access to AD information, FAR, TCDS, STC and FAA forms, and it is easily updated over the Internet. Features:

  • Web-based update service (weekly)
  • Network version available
  • Aircraft, engine, helicopters, props, appliances, and APUs
  • Text search function for part number verification
  • Profile worksheets to track information for specific aircraft/engines/appliances
  • Fully configurable checklists to assist in bringing online new aircraft to your fleet
  • For more information visit

    ESP Inventory Management Tool
    ESP, Aerospace Products Intl.’s easy-to-use inventory management tool, tracks your parts in real-time providing you with powerful usage reporting and automated replenishment capabilities. The web-based system offers powerful reporting capabilities, increased parts availability, reduced inventory management costs with automatic replenishment, and eliminates stock-outs. For more information call (907) 240-0554 or visit

    Maintenance Software
    Omega Airline Software Ames Suite is an advanced planning and scheduling system built solely for aircraft maintenance. It’s a desktop system that enables the proactive management of the business. Ames Suite includes long-range maintenance planning and event planning, fleet planning/ allocation, staffing, and budgeting. It provides optimized aircraft availability, reduced operating costs, improved visibility and communication of vital information, and decreased system and process response times. For more information call (972) 775-3693 or visit

    Information Solutions
    ATP (Aircraft Technical Publishers) offers information solutions for maintenance professionals: regulatory libraries, maintenance libraries, maintenance tracking and configuration software, Internet updates and content accuracy, library search and indexing software, online training, and customized service implementation. ATP provides single source maintenance information for your complex fleet. Features include easy-to-use search and bookshelf capabilities, daily email notification for AD/SB/ TR updates, and CD libraries including major manufacturers. Simplified regulatory recordkeeping saves you time and maximizes productivity. For more information visit or call (415) 330-9571.

    Business Software
    Horizon Business Concepts offers TotalFBO accounting and aviation business management software. It is designed for every type of general aviation service provider in the industry. It is fully integrated with its own accounting, and is single-entry, affordable, and easy-to-use.

  • Fully integrated accounting flows instantly to all modules, no import/export needed
  • Based on Microsoft SQL to protect your data from user misuse and abuse
  • Thorough module-level security and customizable controls on a per-user basis
  • Continued development of the program for both present and future needs of your business
  • Expert support staff available 24/7
  • For more information visit or call (918) 355-3469.

    CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software from Continuum Applied Technology is designed for any aviation service provider from FBOs to repair stations to operators. There are versions to meet any specialty or business size. Enterprise and ASP (Internet based) packages are available. With its unique modular design, it can manage work orders, line service, inventory, compliance, and more. CORRIDOR was designed and developed by industry professionals specifically for aviation. It handles all business functions and operations in real time. Support services are available. For more information visit or call (512) 918-8900.

    Maintenance Compliance Tracking
    Avtrak Globalnet is a maintenance compliance tracking service for corporate aviation. It is used to empower Gulfstream’s, Raytheon FACTS, and Sikorsky Helotrac II. The service is Internet based and real time. It can be used to manage a mixed fleet with a single service. Service support is provided by qualified (A&P/IA) compliance specialists. Features include job cards with work instructions directly from the manufacturer and digital maintenance record/logbook archive (E-log) For more information call (303) 745-5588 or visit

    MRO Software
    Mxi Technologies provides Maintenix, a software product designed for the needs of aviation MRO. The software increases aircraft availability, improves maintenance visit planning, reduces inventories, and improves supply chain management. Maintenance efficiencies are improved and there is a reduction in delays and cancellations. For more information visit

    Federal Regulatory CD
    IApproach federal regulatory CD by Tdata is an annual subscription on CD with biweekly updates. It contains ADs, TCDSs, AD-related service bulletins, interactive FAA forms, FARs, maintenance ACs, orders, manuals, STCs, and more. Its complete FAA library fits on a single CD. More than 350 aircraft templates are included, and Internet delivery is now an option. It features five printable report styles and an equipment list. For more information visit or call (800) 783-2827.

    Aircraft Maintenance Planning
    Advanced Aviation Services Intl. Inc. (AASII) specializes in web-enabled computer-operated aircraft maintenance planning. AASII offers customers access to operations throughout the world on a 24/7 basis and service is available for all sizes of flight operations. For more information call (850) 476-5805 or visit

    Maintenance Software
    MX System from QAV Aviation Systems provides capabilities for maintenance component and document tracking, reliability analysis, maintenance planning, flight log, maintenance control, purchasing and inventory control, and more. Demo is available via mail or online. For more information visit

    Online Parts Locator
    PartsBase offers an advanced online parts locator service for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. The service provides increased inventory exposure, increased stock availability for sourcing parts and materials, integrated government logistics information, overhaul capabilities searching, and targeted marketing solutions. For more information visit

    Maintenance Software
    MxManager, Conklin & de Decker’s software for the maintenance department, improves the efficiency of everyday tasks such as maintenance tracking, purchase orders, inventory, work orders, and management reporting. The software reduces the risk of transcription errors, promotes the analysis of important maintenance cost data, and tracks maintenance costs by aircraft. For more information visit

    Aviation Regulatory and Maintenance Information
    Avantext is an electronic publisher of aviation regulatory information and manufacturer specific maintenance documentation on CD/DVD. Licensed offerings include Cessna, Piper, Bell and MD Helicopter, and Lycoming Engines. Avantext does not reformat FAA or manufacturer information. It utilizes PDF technology to allow for an exact reproduction of the original document. Save time with revisions by inserting a new CD. It is compact and easy to store, enabling the mechanic to easily take the documentation to remote locations with a laptop. For more information visit or call (800) 998-8857.

    Maintenance Tracking Software
    Tdata’s MTrax maintenance tracking software is a tracking and forecasting tool to help you and your team stay on top of your maintenance tasks. For one low price you can track an unlimited number of aircraft. Maintenance can be tracked by hours, cycles, RIN, date, or a combination. Two-tier data entry makes it easy to set up an aircraft. The software offers several report styles, options, and data exporting functions, and meets FAA record-keeping requirements. For more information visit or call (800) 783-2827.

    Maintenance Software
    Aircraft Maintenance Systems’ software is designed by aircraft technicians to be user-friendly. It’s a complete maintenance manager and inventory system. The system saves time and money and eliminates paperwork. It is for small, medium, and large operators. For more information call (418) 679-5255 or visit

    Software System
    Pentagon 2000 Software provides an aviation specific enterprise software system. It provides fully integrated control and visibility which enhances improvements in efficiency, productivity, and financial performance for aviation businesses. The system includes routine and nonroutine maintenance, materials management, aircraft technical records and planning, accounting and financial reporting, shop floor control, and customer and supplier relations management. For more information call (800) 643-1806 and visit

    Datcomedia offers EBis for aviation repair station needs. A complete program, it includes inventory, W/O, P/O, tech time, logbook, and accounting. EBis GSE Express has complete record tracking for all equipment maintenance schedules and inventory.

  • Reduce cost and time and increase profits and productivity
  • Real-time invoices ready with aircraft
  • Written for 145 repair station needs
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • For more information call call (775) 787-9446 or visit