Product Profiles: Facilities

Jan. 8, 2005

The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer or visit

The Elastomeric Energy Seal Coating System
is available from Advanced Coating Systems. Coatings are acrylic based, liquid applied, fully adhered, rubber-like, protective membranes. They can be applied as part of a roof or wall system during the construction stage, in retrofit, or as a maintenance application, and are designed to work on any type of surface;

Bird Control Products to keep birds out of hangars, facilities, and airfields are available from Bird-X. Products include spiked needle strips, ultrasonics, non-toxic sprays, and more;

The Cyclone System from Cyclone Surface Cleaning, Inc. is designed to remove runway rubber, clean ramps, recover glycol, remove paint lines, and clean parking garages. The system removes petroleum-based waste and other contaminants from concrete and asphalt with no discharge to the environment and no damage to the cleaned surface;

Public Guidance Systems are available from Lavi Industries. Lavi has teamed with the Transportation Security Admin-istration to develop products instrumental in meeting new security initiatives. Product line includes Beltrac?, Directrac?, Quick-Clip?, and Post and Panel?;

High-Speed Hydraulic Operator for bi-fold doors is available from Hi-Fold Doors, Inc. The optional hydraulic lift system is designed to power the Hi-Fold Door, which is specially designed with 12 to 24 inches more door opening clearance than standard bi-folds. In addition to increased speed, the hydraulic operator features: increased lifting capabilities; maintenance-free operation in all seasons; and is factory-assembled, wired, plumbed, and tested;

Railguard 200 from Garlock Equipment is designed for crowd control, roof edges, loading docks, mezzanines, open pits, equipment perimeters, skylights, roof hatches, and more. Rail sections are 42 inches high and come in 5-foot, 7-1/2-foot, and 10-foot lengths. A powder coated finish in bright, safety yellow is standard;

Metal Building systems for aviation are designed, manufactured, and delivered by Metallic Building Company. Each building is custom engineered to meet end-user requirements and all are available with a range of eave heights and roof slopes to house any type of aircraft;

Hangar Floor Coatings for concrete applications are provided by Redford Corporation. Redford's turnkey floor solutions emphasize safety, aesthetics, and professionalism at moderate prices;
[email protected].

Cleaning and Maintenance of public airport and secured airline space are supplied by SPC Airport Services, Inc. Provides 24-hour, 7-day per week cleaning in terminal, gate, jetbridge, ramp, club, FIS/customs, hangars, cargo, security, operations, and administrative areas. Services include janitorial, window washing, pressure washing, and ramp scrubbing and sweeping;

Equipment, Aftermarket Parts and Service, and Coatings for cleaning needs are designed, manufactured, and marketed by Tennant Company. Products include equipment for maintaining floors in industrial, commercial, and outdoor environments; and coatings to protect, repair, and upgrade concrete floors;

A Line of Synthetic Rubber Coating Products for the AIM market, exterior and interior applications on various substrates, roofs, walls, ceilings and structural members is available from Inland Coatings Corporation. Designed to be strong, flexible coatings that provide corrosion and weathering resistance;

Construction BRIEFS ...

Indianapolis Int'l Air-port's New Terminal will include a biohazard containment room. Public health workers will be able to isolate international travelers suspected of carrying contagious diseases via an 800-square-foot airborne infection isolation room that would be near federal customs and immigration. The new glass-enclosed midfield terminal is the centerpiece of a $1 billion airport overhaul and is expected to be completed in 2008. The airport does not currently have a biohazard room.

A Premier Business and Corporate Aviation Center with 20 hangar and office units is to be constructed at the Minden-Tahoe Airport (MEV) near Lake Tahoe NV for the Alpine Shankle Company. This western-U.S. market-centric facility is targeted at corporate and business aircraft operators, FBOs, and service providers;

SheltAir Aviation Services announces that its temporary facility at Jacksonville International Airport is open effective January 3, 2005. The services at the temporary facility will include complete fixed base operation services. Ed Zwirn, company COO states "we are extremely excited for the opportunity to bring competition to this marketplace. We anticipate operating out of the temporary facility for approximately four months until the 32,000-sq.ft. newly developed executive terminal is complete."

Ranger Jet Center suffers hurricane damage. With winds clocked from the control tower at 117 knots, Hurricane Charley destroyed two Ranger Jet Center hangars at Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Rebuilding is underway.

Enterprise Jet Center says it has broken ground on a new $7.5 million FBO at Houston Hobby, providing almost 300,000 square feet on 16 acres. The facility will open in the spring of 2005. The showpiece of the new facility is a 9,750-square-foot canopy deep enough for Gulfstream V or Global Express aircraft. It also is designed to handle the fuselage and wingspan of a 737 up to the tail, according to the company. Dwarfing the canopy will be an 85,000-square-foot clear-span hangar built to 96-knot wind load specifications. Two hangar doors will handle aircraft with a tail clearance up to Global Express. Connected to the canopy will be a 28,500-sq.ft. terminal office building featuring a two-story atrium lobby with airport views. Completing the center will be a 175,000-sq.ft. clear access ramp stressed to handle 737 aircraft. A separate area will be stressed to handle 757 aircraft. Enterprise's current 54,000-square-foot facility will become a dedicated maintenance shop. Plans are underway to become a certified FAA Repair Station Facility in 2005.