Product Profiles: Weather

March 8, 2005
The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer or visit
Integrated Real-Time Weather Reports and Forecasts
by Intellicast (a WSI Company) are available from Allows users to preflight plan their trips and view current METAR/TAF data for global destinations. A seven-day forecast is also provided;

Weather Information Systems for Airports are available from All Weather, Inc. (AWI). The company provides AWOS aviation weather systems, air traffic control display systems, meteorlogical sensors and systems, including laser ceilometers and forward scatter visibility sensors;

Forewarn, an automated precision lightning warning system designed to provide safety for ramp personnel while providing minimum downtime, is available from ARINC. Designed to eliminate random decisionmaking related to lightning events and is relied upon by major airports throughout North American;

DIGIWX, a fully automated weather system, is available from Belfort Instrument Company. Designed for Part 91/135 general aviation operations to provide airport and weather advisories to pilots/ground personnel. DigiWx is FAA approved and offers discreet frequency transmission, automated unicom, Internet telephone dial-in, and handheld capability;

A Range of Global Weather Products is available from Jeppesen Weather Services. Products include weather maps such as NEXRAD forecasts, and more. Jeppesen received the FAA QICP certification as outlined in AC 00-62;

Mxvision Aviationsentry, a PC-based and online flight planning tool that delivers aviation weather, is available from Meteorlogix. Pilots can see where a storm is, where it's heading, when it will arrive, and which airports will be impacted. Allows time to take proper safety precautions and protect aircraft before the storm arrives. MxVision AviationSentry Online also carries a full suite of briefing tools including Route Brief, Airport Brief, and Quick Plans that pilots need to plan safe, efficient flights;

Pilotbrief Pro is available from WSI Corporation. Combines WSI Pilotbrief weather, airspace, and flight plan information into a single integrated display;