Product Profiles: Boarding Bridges

July 19, 2005
Boarding brige product information.

The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer or visit

THE COMMUTER CAB with side shift features and leveling cob floor for servicing CRJs and RJs is available from Advanced Bridge Systems. Designed to eliminate mis-parking of aircraft, the side shifting helps provide for the safety and accurate docking for regional jets and large Airbus aircraft, without having to move the passenger loading bridge to align the bridge with the door of the aircraft;

A PASSENGER BOARDING BRIDGE to accommodate the A380 as well as aircraft of other sizes is available from FMC JETWAY®. FMC Technologies engineers have constructed an actual-scale demonstration mock-up of a portion of the new aircraft to reveal true operational specifics of how the boarding bridge flexes to service the A380. The mock-up duplicates the contours of relevent sections of the A380 fuselage, wing, engine nacelle, and main and upper deck doors;

PASSENGER STAIRS are available from Mallaghan Engineering. Products include the Eurostair HR, Eurostair Self Propelled Unit, the Mallaghan Tristair HR, and the Mallaghan Tristair LR;

REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES to airports and airlines specializing in passenger boarding bridges are provided by Oxford Airport Technical Services;

THE PLBS 96 AE is available from Phoenix Metal Products Inc. Designed to safely transport passengers from the ramp into the loading bridge. Safety gates secure the opening at the loading bridge bumper;

A PASSENGER BOARDING BRIDGE for the A380 with U1 door capability for North America is available from ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems;

A RANGE OF RAMP ENGINEERING SERVICES is offered by CAGE, Inc. Services include aircraft parking layout, ramp analysis, striping design, GSE parking, boarding bridge layout, gate optimization, and movement simulation;

THE FULLY AUTOMATED OVER-THE-WING BRIDGE SYSTEM is available from Dewbridge Airport Systems. Designed for regional jets and commuter aircraft to help low-cost carriers decrease gate times by allowing for quicker enplanement and deplanement of passengers;

THE SKYWALKER BOARDING BRIDGE is available from ACCESSAIR. The telescopic, ground level boarding bridge can be combined with a series of fixed bridges or ACCESSAIR’s modular walkways to adapt to a full range of parking layouts. The canopy system can also be attached to terminal gate extensions to mate with virtually all models of regional aircraft;

LOADING BRIDGE CANOPIES are available from Estex Manufacturing Company, Inc. Custom designed using fabrics which meet NFPA 415-417 and FAR 25.853(b) specifications. The hood and side panel are sealed to provide a waterproof seam. Estex manufactures most all styles of loading bridges, including Jet Way, Stearns, Wollard, Mitsubishi, and Inflatable Stearns & Fore Mark;